Bhojpuri sensation and former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Sambhavna Seth’s vlogs on YouTube are as entertaining as her dance!

Amidst the nationwide lockout, there are many of us who are feeling bored with their routines which are basically ‘working from home’, eating (whatever it is) and sleep (whenever). Neither is there. While some are busy experimenting with their ‘master chef’ culinary skills, others are hooked on TV sets – watching anything under the sun.

Well, if you fall into the second category, then maybe checking out some interesting YouTube channels should be on your list. Guess what else? While surfing, we found an amazing YouTube channel – Sambhavna Seth Entertainment – of the former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant and Bhojpuri sensation, Sambhavna Seth.

Click here for a link to his YouTube channel:

You can actually see what she posted a few hours ago – a ‘kheer’ recipe made by Sambhavan for her actor husband Avinash.

The adoration between the two is adorable and the best thing about the Vulgas of Possibilities is that it is as real as it can be achieved. She is sure to get her audience an insight into her real life and how she moves while maintaining a fun work-life balance.

Watch her video:

Don’t forget to check out her slogans for foreign trips and dance shows.

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