BTS’ Jin, J-Hope, Jimin and V play beach volleyball, Taehyung says: ‘Let’s try to do it right just as soon as’. Watch

BTS members Jin, J-Hope, Jimin and V aka Taehyung characteristic enjoying beach volleyball in a brand new Bangtan Bomb video. Released on YouTube on Thursday, the video initially begins with Jin and V enjoying with one another. They had been later joined by Jimin and J-Hope, who partnered with V and Jin respectively.

In the video, as they began enjoying, Jin instructed V, “Did you see that? I’m on another level, you know?” As they continued enjoying, V saved on dropping the ball and Jimin ran to fetch it as they laughed. V then stated, “Let’s try to do it right just for once.”

After their third drop, Jimin instructed V, “I’ll pass it (ball) to you, so you attack, okay? V at first said ‘okay’ and then continued, “But I do not know the way to assault.”

Jin instructed them, “Hey try harder so that we can at least try to hit back and forth twice.” The video ended with Jin and J-Hope defeating V and Jimin. The video is from earlier this year in June when the Butter idea photograph model 4 was taken.

Recently, the BTS members–RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, who’re within the US, appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

During the present, RM requested James, “James, how about you? You been in some hot waters with ARMY. Are you alright?” James responded, “We did two jokes which I didn’t think were in any way offensive to anybody.” Speaking on his feedback on BTS on the UN summit and the ARMY, followers of the group, he had stated, “And we said this was where I think it was wrong, we said that your fans were 15-year-old girls.”

About James additionally added on the present, “It, of course, isn’t true because I’m 43 years old and I consider myself one of the biggest BTS fans on planet earth. I’ve never been on that side of the ARMY before.” James had stated {that a} perosn instructed him they hoped he died, including that he felt it was ‘excessive in response to fairly two innocent jokes’. As James defined extra, RM smilingly stated, “James it’s okay, we appreciate your apology. Wanted to clear that up.”

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Recently BTS gained three awards on the 2021 American Music Awards. They gained Artist of the Year, Favorite Pop Song and Favorite Pop Duo/Group.

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