Get strict about vaccination, says Gurmeet Choudhary | Bollywood

With the on-ground state of affairs getting higher, the second wave on the verge of ending and the nation in unlock mode, Gurmeet Choudhary feels joyful however says, we nonetheless have a protracted method to go.

The actor provides, “It is outstanding that we have been able to overcome the second wave. Earlier, we were fighting for beds, oxygen, medicines and ambulances but now people are struggling to make ends meet. I have got many requests for jobs as people don’t have money and no way to pay their hospital bills. This is a never-ending fight as there are so many people in need of help. Through my foundation, we have been trying to help as many people as possible. But it is not possible for one person to do everything. We all have to come forward to work together. Yeh ek bahut badi responsibility hai.”

Recently he helped a girl get a mattress for her husband in a hospital, however a couple of days later, he heard that her husband had handed away. “It hadn’t been even four days since his death and here she was calling me because she needed a job to run her house, pay hospital bills and take care of her baby. It was so heartbreaking as she wasn’t even able to mourn him or do any ritual because she was worrying about her future. I spoke to some friends who are in the corporate sector and thankfully, got a job for her. That’s when I realised that collaborating with corporates for jobs is the way out and being a celebrity, I have the reach and access to people and will be able to help people.”

With work restarting and initiatives beckoning, he realises that individuals will quickly get busy with their respective lives and work however we must always all the time give again to society. He says, “Nahin toh life ka matlab nahin hai. In the last two months, my team and I have been trying and doing our best. Mujhe khushi hui ke hum logon ki maddat kar paye, unko bacha paaye, unki duas mili. But now, the focus should be on getting people vaccinated. Even now, there are people who don’t believe in vaccination and think it is a myth. There should be a strict rule for vaccination all over India, I feel. There should be a vaccination card required with Ids. Our government is serious but there are many people who are not serious about being jabbed.”

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