HTLS 2021: Anil Kapoor says OTT is the future; Janhvi Kapoor feels digital spaces ‘developed’ audiences’ sensibilities | Bollywood

Anil Kapoor believes that the digital streaming platforms and the OTT house is to remain, despite the fact that theatres are reopening and producers are releasing their movies on the large display screen. The actor was talking on the topic with Hindustan Times’ Managing Editor, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Sonal Kalra on the final day of HTLS 2021. He was joined by Janhvi Kapoor at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2021. 

“I think both will co-exist and of course, but OTT is the future,” Anil mentioned. Janhvi added that the digital medium has paved a means for viewers to realize entry to nice cinematic works. She additionally mentioned that the platform has urged the filmmakers and actors to ‘up their game.’ 

“I think that if anything, having access to such fine pieces of work through digital platforms, I think it’s made the audiences’ sensibilities evolve and if anything, encouraged us as creative people not just actors but writers, directors and producers to be — for the lack of a better word — to ‘up their game.’ Because all of a sudden we’re exposed to cinema and TV shows from the world over and the standards have rose,” she mentioned. 

“Like (Anil) said, we are going to enter a phase where OTT and theatrical releases co-exist because no one can replicate that experience of watching a film in cinema hall, having a community experience, laughing with people, crying with people, seeing these stunning visuals but again, people are intrinsically aware of the fact that you might be risking your health to go into the theatres. And what kind of films are worth that, and there might be some that are but when you can sit in the comfort of your house and access to the same films, I think we as an industry will have to be smart about planning films that are specific to theatres and films that are specific to digital platforms,” Janhvi added. 

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Owing to the publicity of ‘intelligent cinema’ from worldwide industries, Anil was requested if Bollywood would change its strategy to movie which might be often publicised as no brainers. Anil mentioned, “Entertainment and so-called ‘masala films’ that we call over here, it is going to survive all over the world. Why India, internationally also, the so-called ‘no brainers’ are made and are hugely successful. You’d be surprise to know that OTT somewhere wants films which are entertaining, which are action-packed and which are you don’t have to think too much, even they want this kind of films. Overall, cinema and OTT, they want all kind of content but the content has to be believable, it has to be entertaining and somewhere they want it to be real and raw, which is the future.” 

He added that worldwide filmmakers really feel in making an leisure movie or a no brainer, there’s an artwork to it. Citing Mr India for example, he mentioned that everybody preferred it and even as we speak, the movie has a fandom. Listing administrators equivalent to Raj Kapoor, Guru Dutt, Bimal Roy and Hrishikesh Mukherji – who made entertaining and industrial movies – Anil mentioned that filmmakers as we speak ought to goal at making movies that do effectively at the field office and entertain audiences at house by way of the OTT platforms. 

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