Krishna Shroff reveals Tiger Shroff-related ‘insecurity’ in lingerie advert, Disha Patani reacts. Watch | Bollywood

Krishna Shroff, the youthful sister of actor Tiger Shroff, revealed that she grew up with an insecurity attributable to being continuously in contrast with him. She stated that he shone at every thing he did, whereas she was the ‘overweight’ and ‘lazy’ baby.

In an advert for a lingerie model, posted on her Instagram web page, Krishna stated, “An insecurity I have faced for the majority of my years growing up has been the constant comparison to my brother. He, from the start, excelled in everything and was extremely driven. I, on the other hand, was the overweight child, the lazy child and the one who liked to go against all norms.”

“At least that’s what I always had to hear from people who didn’t even know me back then. It took me a while to find my calling. However, all those outside voices are what I used as fuel to achieve my place in society and my individuality today. I am now my only competition and strive to be better than who I was yesterday, every single day,” she added.


“Everyone has something they are insecure about; however, moving forward, despite whatever the insecurities may be, is all that matters,” Krishna captioned her put up.

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Tiger and Krishna’s mom, producer Ayesha Shroff, showered love on the video. “So elegant in all you do,” she commented, together with coronary heart emojis. His rumoured girlfriend, actor Disha Patani, additionally reacted. “Wow what a bodd,” she wrote.

Speaking to Hindustan Times earlier, Krishna stated that though the comparisons with Tiger bothered her, she realized to see it in a optimistic means. “I’m always the one to look at the silver lining, and who can say they had a brother like Tiger Shroff to grow up with? Or who can say that they have that kind of inspiration in their house every single day when they wake up?,” she stated.

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