Lara Dutta has no problem with kissing scenes, says ‘was important to discuss’ Hiccups and Hookups with Mahesh Bhupathi | Web Series

Lara Dutta has mentioned that she is okay with ‘kissing onscreen’ and doing intimate scenes as a result of she understands that these are ‘technical’ whereas taking pictures on the units. She additionally mentioned in a brand new interview that intimate scenes are choreographed, simply the way in which motion scenes are.

Lara is all set to be seen within the new present, Hiccups and Hookups, directed by Kunal Kohli. The present will stream on Lionsgate Play from November 26.

Talking about her newest project, Lara Dutta informed Film Companion in an interview, “As an actor, I would want to explore all aspects. But in India, I am also someone’s wife. I am also a mother, a daughter, and a daughter-in-law. Fortunately or unfortunately, there is certain conditioning that is given to us, it is ingrained in us. So, of course, if I am going to do a show like this, that is a little demanding, it takes a little bit of thinking out to do that.”

She additionally mentioned that she had to focus on the present with her husband, former tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi earlier than she took it up. “So for me, it was very important to discuss the show and the situations in the show with Mahesh, my husband, to figure out how comfortable was I, how far was I ready to go, what were the repercussions and all that. I know what my safety zones are, what my limits are. I am very clear about that as Lara. And, I have never been a prude in my life.”

Lara then talked about how she views engaged on intimate scenes for movies. “I have done it before as well, and I know I have no problem doing kissing onscreen. I am okay, only because I know, as an actor, how technical these scenes are to shoot. These scenes do not happen when you get on sets, and you do not throw two actors together and say ‘oh now make out and let us see if some chemistry happens’. They happen right from the time ( when it is written), from paper.”

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She added, “You have inputs as an actor. If you are lucky enough to have a wonderful director like Kunal Kohli, who is open to suggestions. He wants his actors to be comfortable, so nothing is coming as a surprise to you while shooting. There is no one telling you ‘you put your strap one inch lower’. It is not something sleazy being shot. No uncomfortableness, there is no sleaze going on. It is all very well-thought-out, and like you would choreograph an action scene, you choreograph an intimate scene for a show or movie.”

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