Lara Dutta says daughter Saira asked her what a ‘brothel’ is: ‘I don’t know where she is hearing these issues’ | Bollywood

Lara Dutta revealed that her nine-year-old daughter lately asked her the that means of brothel. The actor stated that she would not wish to be a mother who lies to her youngsters. 

Lara Dutta lately spoke about her daughter Saira and revealed that she as soon as asked the actor what a ‘brothel’ is. The actor additionally admitted that she would not know where she’s hearing these issues from.

The actor was speaking about her husband, former tennis participant Mahesh Bhupathi and their daughter Saira’s response to her function in her new collection Hiccups And Hookups when she shared the incident. 

“I’ve never done anything without discussing it with Mahesh before. I think we’re a progressive family… Normally we talk to our friends about such things, we don’t talk to our family. I remember, sex education in school touched the periphery, but that’s about it. Your parents never spoke to you about it. When my daughter was four years old, she wanted to know about divorce. Nine years old, she asked me, ‘What is a brothel?’ I don’t know where she is hearing these things, but she is exposed to them. It’s concepts she doesn’t understand, and it is my responsibility to explain it to her,” Lara Dutta stated, talking with RJ Siddharth Kannan in an interview. 

“It is my responsibility now to see how to explain these things to her – should I lie to her? Which I don’t know want to do as a mom,” she added. 

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Last week, Lara revealed that Saira learnt concerning the idea of divorce from Mahesh whereas watching the hit American sitcom Friends. “She was four years old and I was like, ‘Who told you (about divorce)?’ She said, ‘Daddy did’. I was like (gesturing a phone call) ‘Mahesh, why the hell have you told her what divorce is?’ and he started laughing. He was like, ‘No, we were watching Friends and she wanted to know why was Ross married three times.’ I was like, ‘So you told her the meaning of divorce?’ That’s the kind of parents we are,” she instructed Brut India in an interview. 

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