Mira Rajput defends broken watch after fans point it out in new video: ‘Please let her be’ | Bollywood

Mira Rajput, the spouse of actor Shahid Kapoor, reacted after fans observed her broken smartwatch in one in every of her movies, with some even providing to purchase her a new one. She shared an extended be aware, calling her watch ‘body positive’. She revealed that it works completely, regardless of the cracks.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Mira wrote, “My broken watch seems to be getting a lot of attention. She’s body positive, loves the way she looks despite her flaws, that actually have no impact on how well she performs, and a change of strap makes her feel new again every now and then. So I’m not going to dump her for the next PHT.”

“So please let her be because she works absolutely fine and knows the beat of my heart. We all have cracks. Mine are all Kintsugi. And also they don’t make Rose Gold anymore for god knows what silly reason,” she added.

Mira Rajput on Instagram Stories.

Of late, Mira has been sharing footage from her photoshoots. She shared a black-and-white picture of herself on Monday and wrote, “If Mondays had the confidence of Fridays & the patience of Wednesdays.” Last week, she posted images of herself carrying a beige turtleneck outfit, and quoted a Japanese proverb about ‘three faces’.

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Mira married Shahid on July 7, 2015, and so they have two youngsters — four-year-old Misha and two-year-old son Zain. In an Instagram dwell, she talked about co-parenting the children with her husband. “You know, I read something the other day, which said, ‘Don’t treat dad as a babysitter, treat him like a parent.’ By that, what you mean is, dad is not going to be there when mom needs time off. Dad is going to do what dad does, he is not going to fill in for mom because he has his own role,” she mentioned. She additionally emphasised the significance of kids having ‘their own equation’ with every father or mother.

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