Netflix says Tiger King is as popular as Stranger Things

Tiger king Was already one of Netflix’s most viral shows, but now, the streamer has confirmed that it is also the biggest: it’s tied Strange things‘Season three of the most watched shows on Netflix.

Netflix’s letter to shareholders notes that Tiger king It was seen by over 64 million families in its first four weeks. This is the same number Strange things‘Third season, which Netflix said is the most watched season of the entire show Back in October 2019. Those numbers make it a huge success for Netflix, but it is not the most watched show.

To jam Watched by 76 million households, it was television’s most-watched first season for Netflix. Nevertheless, this is an impressive feat for a show that is not based on pre-existing IPs such as To jam And received comparatively little marketing To jam And Strange things Received. Most interestingly, the fourth season of Netflix La casa de papel (or Money heistAccording to Netflix’s letter to shareholders, it is estimated to see 65 million streams in the first four weeks of release. Those numbers show how important the overall growth of content is from Netflix’s international markets.

There are already large numbers of information for Nielsen and other rating firms Tiger king, A recent report by Nielsen, found Tiger kingMore racking than first seven episodes 5.3 billion minutes of stream between 23 March and 29 March. Nevertheless, Nielsen’s numbers are limited in scope, as they only count viewers in the United States. Netflix has regularly contested Nilsen’s numbers, but has only begun offering its viewership metrics over the years. Netflix counts the scene as being viewed more than two minutes after the title of any account.

Tiger kingThis number is impressive but not too surprising. Tiger king On Twitter, Instagram and Tickcock became an instant meme with tributes and jokes popping up the show. The fact that it was also available to more than 167 million subscribers at the time gives Netflix an advantage in a world where live TV has shrunk. Tiger king There was not only bizarre entertainment; It was one of the few new shows that people could watch.

Like reality tv and documentary Tiger king And love is blind There are two areas where Netflix continues to grow, and this is clearly where Streamer plans to invest continuously. Documentary and reality programming are often cheaper than scripted programs Strange things, And customers have shown interest in watching more of them as Netflix continues to make new headlines. While netflix can’t roll out Tiger king 2 – However, Steamer recorded the one-episode after a special performance with Joel McHale – the possibility that this streamer would find its next viral hit in one of these two genres.

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