Shibani Dandekar on lockdown love with Farhan Akhtar: Every relationship has its struggles | Bollywood

For actor Shibani Dandekar, taking a break for some me-time regardless of staying collectively has been the lockdown mantra to discover a wholesome as properly balanced solution to her relationship with Farhan Akhtar.

Reflecting again at her life within the Covid-19 period, Dandekar tells us, “I spend a lot of time with my partner, whether we’re training together, watching content together, or discussing things in terms of work or our pets. There’s a lot of time spent with each other.”

For the actor, the educational, within the time spent extra indoors than outdoor, was to strike a stability between the actions that she does collectively with Akhtar.

“And then when you need your space, do things on your own. That’s so important. The biggest learning in this process was just the idea of balance and just respecting each other’s routine and what both people need,” says the actor, who accomplished three years of her love story with Akhtar this year.

However, Dandekar, 40, is fast to confess that discovering that stability hasn’t been simple in any respect.

“Every relationship has its struggles. In the lockdown, they’re amplified. And just to figure out what your way of functioning is really important. It takes some time because it’s not something we’re used to or prepared for. So, life is happening, you’re also figuring out a system that works for you,” she expresses.

While she may by no means have made any announcement about her relationship standing, Dandekar hasn’t made any efforts to cover it, and generally let the photographs do all of the speaking on her behalf.

“I don’t think I’ve really hidden anything. I’m just doing what I want to do at the moment. If I want to talk about it, I’ll talk about it. If I don’t feel like talking about it at that moment, then I won’t. But, I’m not trying to hide anything,” she says, asserting, “There’s nothing kind of pre-planned in the way that I function with my relationship or my personal life. I just share things with people when I feel like sharing. This really works for me.”

Last seen in a phase of Love In The Times Of Corona, which just lately launched on an OTT platform, Dandekar provides, “Our life has changed so much, and we’re trying to navigate new spaces in our work, at home, and in our relationship. It’s important to talk about it as well because we’re facing new relationship struggles.”

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