Turn your Switch into a Neo Geo Pocket Color with SNK Gals’ Fighters

The Nintendo Switch may not have a proper virtual console, but it is still a great system for classic games, and today sees one of its most unusual retro releases in a while. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Neo Jio this week, SNK is re-releasing the title Neo Jio Pocket Color SNK Gals’ Fighters It first appeared in 2000.

If you ask me, Neo Geo is a strange way to pay tribute to the arcade system, but the results are definitely cool. By default, the switch screen shows a Neo Geo Pocket Color console running the game – you can also play it by pressing the console’s button on the touchscreen, although I wouldn’t recommend it. Clicky joystick is not the same.

The Neo Jio Pocket Color was an amazing portable system with a lot of style, and it SNK Gals’ Fighters Hugs to release again. You can play it with a filter that recreates the screen’s distinctive dot-matrix effect, and has several skins for the console, including the classic blue camo version. If you have a larger screen, you can zoom in and remove the console border. In a particularly nice touch, the game supports two-player matches on the same system in tabletop mode.

SNK Gals’ Fighters Is also just a great game. It is a fighting game featuring many female characters like the SNK series Samurai Showdown And the king of Fighters, And like SNK’s other Neo Geo Pocket Fighters, it manages to show a ton of depth and personality through chunky sprites, catchy music, and a two-button control scheme. I hope this is one of the many Neo Geo Pocket Color releases for the Switch – this is an underparted system that may be re-enforced.

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