TV actress Shoma Anand enjoys seeing younger version of herself in Hum Paanch

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TV actress Shoma Anand enjoys watching the younger version of herself in Hum Panchhi

We Birch is back on the small screen, and actress Shoma Anand is enjoying watching the younger version of herself in the sitcom. “It’s really nice to know that after about 15 years, the ‘Hum Birchi’ family is back to making people laugh, that too during such a testing phase of life. A lot of people at home started feeling depressed. But now they can forget everything and have fun with the ‘Hum Birchi’ family for at least 30 minutes.

Now, she sits with her family and watches the show on Zee TV.

“A few days ago, while watching the show, me and my family were watching how much I have changed since going on the show. I really enjoy watching the younger version of myself and all my co-actors because When we used to do it. To shoot, we couldn’t watch the episode. So while watching the show, we are reminded of all the good old memories, “said Shoma, who played Veena’s Bhoomi in the show Was played.

The story of “Hum Panchhi”, a simple entertainer of a middle-class family, revolves around Anand Mathur, his second wife – Bina Mathur, and his five daughters, who are constantly plotting to reverse their world. Adding to the more chaos and confusion in his life is a photo frame of his late wife, who occasionally talks to him and drags him to certain decisions.

Will she do a comedy show again? “Yes, definitely! If I find something that I think will be liked by the audience, I will definitely do it. In fact, we artists are always learning and to come back to us, the author Is required to write a script. He is strong and we fit into the script as well, “she said.

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