WATCH: John Abraham lauds India’s spirit of unity during COVID-19 battle with a poem

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John Abraham with a poem praised India’s sense of unity during the battle of COVID-19

Action star John Abraham praised India in a new video made by his “Satyamev Jayate” director Milap Milan Jhaveri. John says he wanted to be a part of the gesture that tells people how strong they have become during the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. As people across the country band together to battle against a common enemy – the novel coronavirus virus epidemic – Milap decides to do his job. The filmmaker created an inspiring video that speaks of the strength of India stemming from the unity of its people. John recited a poem called “Mera Bharat Mahajan” in the video, which Milap wrote.

“When reconciliation came to me with this idea, I knew I had to do it. I wanted to be a part of this gesture that tells people how strong we have become in this formidable situation and those people Thanks to those who are risking their lives every time. A day to help others. Humanity as a race is facing this threat on a global scale and it is our job that we In a way that can help, inspire and inspire each other. Through this video, we just wanted to tell everyone there. John said, give it away.

Talking about the video and the motivation behind it, Milap said: “My inspiration comes from the power we have shown to fight this situation as a country. We have stood together in this fight And continue to do so by following every day. Protocol and being safe in our homes. “

“At the same time, the major reason we win this fight is because of the medical professionals and policemen who are trying to save everyone there. The video is dedicated to all these brave and whole country. I wanted to. They said , “To support my team to show people how they are heroes. John, we have tried to show our gratitude by capturing everything we feel. “

The video is designed and written by Milap and edited by Mahavir Jhaveri and Sagar Manik. The tune provided by Kunal Mehta and Parikshit Lalwani as Music Supervisor and Sound Design and Mix is ​​provided by Lizo George with Azeem Dayani.

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