Facebook rolls out video call feature in WhatsApp for Web

At a time when video calls have become a daily thing, Facebook has introduced its new feature for its web users. Facebook’s Messenger Room is integrated with WhatsApp for the web so that users can make video calls right from their desktop.

The integration of Facebook Messenger is currently limited to the web only and the company has not released any information on its release even for the mobile version.

Users can open the web to use the Messenger Room through WhatsApp and video calls. In addition, web users will now be able to share screens as well.

If users fail to find the new integrated option in WhatsApp for the web, the company recommends checking if the application is running on the latest version. Messenger rooms are available on version 2.2031.4 of the application.

How to use messenger room

One of the two ways to open a room is to open the WhatsApp web and click on the top left of the screen. There will be an option to make the room. On selecting the option, two more options will say “Continue in Messenger” or “Cancel”. After clicking “Continue in Messenger”, the user will be directed to the default browser and will be asked to log into the Facebook account. Users will then be able to create a room and ask others to join.

Another way to open a room is by going to a person chat screen and selecting the attachment option. After clicking on the attachment, an option of “Cell” will appear. After clicking on it, the messenger room can be accessed.

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