From animated stickers to QR codes, here’s what’s new in WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp is receiving the animated stickers, improved video calls
  • The features will be implemented for Android and iOS applications in the coming weeks.
  • WhatsApp is also getting dark mode for the web.

WhatsApp is finally getting the long-awaited features. The company announced Wednesday that the Facebook-owned messaging app will finally receive animated stickers, QR codes, dark mode for the web and desktop, enhanced video calls, and disappearance status feature for KaiOS. The features will be implemented for Android and iOS applications in the coming weeks.

Days before its launch, Wabetainfo, WhatsApp’s feature tracker, had informed users that the company is testing the QR code feature and working on the animated stickers feature. Another highly anticipated feature is multi-device compatibility, in which the messaging application seems to be working longer. While we don’t know when it would be available, we now have some cool features like QR codes, improved video calls, and more. So let’s take a look at the features of the new features released.

QR codes: the days are gone when you would need a person’s mobile phone number to add it to your WhatsApp, since now with the QR code function you only need to scan and save their numbers. This makes the entire game much easier and time-saving as you simply scan someone’s QR code to add it to your contacts. You no longer have to write the numbers.

Animated stickers: WhatsApp has always released features that are productive and enhance the user experience. But the animated stickers feature makes your chat experience fun. Users will receive animated sticker packs to choose from and can view, save, highlight, send and forward the animated stickers once downloaded. But there is a slight delay which was reported by Wabetainfo and which can really discourage you, the animated stickers play only once and lacks a loop system. You also cannot replay it.

Dark Mode for the Web: WhatsApp had released Dark Mode for Android and iOS a long time ago, but the long-awaited feature finally made it to the web version of the messaging app. Go ahead and have fun watching your big screen in a dark mode!

Improved Group Video Calls: WhatsApp has extended the limit of group video calls to eight out of four and has now added some special features as well. Now you can focus on any of your contacts by simply pressing and holding to maximize a participant’s video to full screen. A video icon has also been added to group chats consisting of 8 people or less, so now you can simply tap on the video icon to start a group call.

Disappearing status function for KaiOS: WhatsApp has implemented the disappearing status for KaiOS. The feature was already available for Android and iOS features.

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