From Selling Cold Drinks And Eating From Garbage Cans At 9 To Building Rs 1,800 Cr-Brand

Success does not come to those who sit and wait. It is about people rushing. Being good at something doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, but it only works tirelessly despite failing multiple times. Such is the story of Sophia Amoruso. From doing odd jobs at the age of nine to support herself, to being one of the richest self-made women in America, her journey is exceptional. Its Nasty Gal brand was considered one of the fastest growing companies.

Miserable childhood

Born in 1984 in San Diego, California, Sophia was forced to drop out of school after being diagnosed with depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The situations worsened when both her mother and father lost their jobs and Sophia had to fend for herself even before she could put on the brakes. At the young age of nine, she opened a lemonade store alone. When she turned 22, Sophia had done 10 different jobs.

Launching with digital

As a child, Sophia lived a nomadic lifestyle, hitchhiking on the west coast, diving in garbage cans, and stealing. In 2003, she was caught stealing and fined, after which she stopped living that lifestyle. She moved to San Francisco and tried her luck at a community college. It was during this time that an eBay store opened. He named it Nasty Gal Vintage, after the 1975 album by Betty Davis, a funk singer and style icon.

Sophia would break into charity stores for clothing and then sell them for a higher price. A Chanel jacket that she had bought for $ 8 (Rs 515) sold for $ 1,000 (Rs 64,395). Sophia would design, photograph, caption and ship the products on her own, using the knowledge she had gained from the photography classes she had attended.

Nasty Gal soon cultivated her own brand identity that included vintage clothing for young and unique women. Sophia went to MySpace and, later, to Facebook, to spread her fashion brand. But in 2008, her popular eBay account was suspended for trying to promote her own website. Five whole years of hard work watched the wastewater.

Shot to fame

Sophia Amoruso

However, Sophia was quick to make the decision to move from eBay and set up her own store. She took her employees and started her own retail business in Los Angeles. Judging by the reputation her company had already acquired, investors soon approached it. Funds worth $ 49 million (Rs 315.2 crore) were raised in capital for Nasty Gal. Meanwhile, her reported net worth of $ 280 million (Rs 1,801.6 crore) made her name on Forbes magazine’s 2012 list of the richest self-made women in the United States.

In addition to her business, Sophia took the opportunity to debunk myths about female entrepreneurs. With her success in retailing women’s fashion, she became the torch bearer of modern feminism. She encouraged young women to annihilate regressive definitions, particularly those that seek to demean women who are assertive or ambitious. Her journey was featured on the Netflix web series Girlboss.

From diving in the dumpster to a spot on Forbes’ under-30 list, Sophia has represented what an enormous work ethic can accomplish. With her curiosity overcoming her fears, she has shown the world that you don’t have to be perfect to succeed. The resolve to succeed without ever giving up is what separates 1 percent of the world from the rest.

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