Galaxy S20+ BTS and Cloud White Galaxy S20 Ultra launched in India

After hinting that it will bring the Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition to India, Samsung has officially confirmed the phone’s launch details in the country, starting with a pre-order period that will start tomorrow, July 1. The Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition will be available only through Samsung’s exclusive stores, all of which have been previously certified by Suraksha for your safety, as well as its online e-store. The pre-reservation period will last from July 1 to July 9.

Once advance bookings are accepted, prospective buyers will be able to secure the Galaxy S20 + BTS edition in exchange for INR 87,999 ($ ​​1,165). The Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition will cost INR 14,990 ($ 198). Samsung India has yet to confirm any discounts when buying both devices together, but seeing how the special edition was launched in other markets, those who preorder the phone in India may receive a 50% discount on the Galaxy Buds +.

Samsung India also presents the Galaxy S20 Ultra Cloud White

Interestingly, Samsung’s recent announcement about the Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition for India also included details on a different variant of the Galaxy S20, i.e. the standard, not BTS Cloud White Galaxy S20 Ultra.

As a color, Cloud White is not as exclusive as BTS Haze Purple, but it is not as widespread as the original Galaxy S20 Ultra colors either. It is relatively rare but without any connection to the popular K-pop group and other bands or brands. The Cloud White Galaxy S20 Ultra will be available for pre-order in India from July 1-9, and will be priced at INR 97,999 ($ ​​1,297).

Both the Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition and Cloud White Galaxy S20 Ultra will go on sale starting July 10, and both variants will be available in limited quantities, according to Samsung India.

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