Gold Market Akshathritiya and Diwali will compensate for the damage caused by covid 19 Coronavirus marriage season today gold price

In Sarafa Bazar these days there is not only silence but despair. Jewelers selling around 100 kg of gold daily are worried. Even though May is also the season of weddings, but the bullion market now has hopes only from Diwali. The bullion market has not been able to rise since early this year.
Rajkumar Verma of the GP Center and Govind Hallmark Center in Chowk, Lucknow, says the beginning of this year was not good. The recession was caused by the CAA and NRC uproar. Since this time was very long, we had high hopes. The store was filled evenly, but now nothing.

Increase in gold prices
When the lockdown started, gold prices reached 40 thousand rupees per 10 grams, but after 10 days its prices have skyrocketed. Meanwhile, its prices reached around 45 thousand rupees per 10 grams. Although the Delhi Bullion Market is closed and the prices are from the bullion market, the strength of gold is not giving any pleasure to the goldsmiths as they are worried about protecting themselves from this epidemic more than their business. Sarafa Association General Secretary Vinod Maheshwari says – We had bought a lot of goods in the hope that there will be a lot of sales in Sahalag. The entire market sells about 100 kg of gold in the season.

Jewelery will be purchased less:
The bullion market knows that even when markets open, people will not buy jewelery. Only those jewelery will be purchased for those who are married there. Vinod says – At this time more concern than trade is of epidemic. Concern is also about its closed shops. In private, everyone is on guard, despite this, there is also a concern about how safe the shop is during the long holidays.

There will be problem in the coming time also
There has been no sale for the last 10 days, but the employees have to pay the salary. In almost all the big goldsmith shops it takes two to three lakh rupees in the salary of the employees. At the same time, he also has to pay tax and the merchants of the goods which he had purchased will also ask for payment.

Kailash Chandra Jain, president of Sarafa Association, Chowk, says that there are 10 big markets of bullion in Lucknow. There is a wholesale market in the Chowk. We give the most revenue, but now time has forced us. I am 83 years old and we have not seen such a bad time. 3 years ago, we closed shops for 47 days on excise duty, but we were mentally prepared for that. At this time, bullion, all traders are worried, but everyone has to understand that we can fight this epidemic together.

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