Health Mapping & AI Tools making people tech-savvy amidst Covid-19 lockdown

Since India has crossed 1,60,000 Corona cases, the government is actively tracing contacts to help control infections.

Experts are now speculating that the post-pandemic era will bring a new normal opportunity, as people would prefer to go out with a bottle of sanitizer and face mask.

As the talk of post lockdown schemes emerges, people will have to make some changes in their regular functioning. A post-lockdown world would have to be more vigilant, more sanitary, and still maintain a social distance. AI can be quite helpful for scenarios.

New research suggests that it may be important to use a health mapping app to track people’s movements and identify and isolate people exposed to an infected person.

Here are some apps that are making people tech-savvy during the time of coronavirus –

Sanitary bridge

Arogya Setu is a mobile application developed by the Government of India to connect essential health services in our joint fight against Kovid-19.

The app is aimed at enhancing the initiative of the Center, particularly the Department of Health, to reach and inform users of the app about the risks, best practices and relevant advice related to Kovid-19.

The application, which is a type of coronavirus tracker, works based on contact tracing and can help the user identify potential coronavirus ‘hotspots’ around their area. This can help people stay safe and take necessary precautions in some areas where there are cases and, accordingly, to an extent prevent or prevent community transmissions.

Kova punjab

The COVA Punjab (Corona Virus Alert) app has been developed by the Government of Punjab to provide preventive care information and other government advice to the citizens.

The app will help by providing a real-time dashboard for Punjab, India and global statistics, to check for corona symptoms and a quick self-screening, corona awareness, travel directions, prevention products and about corona hospitals in Punjab Will provide information . Users will receive updates of the government, advice, and instructions from time to time via PUSH notification on the app.

Corona armor

The Corona Armor app is for tracking coronavirus and reducing its spread. It asks for information about the health of the user.

Users need to answer some questions (if you have difficulty breathing, body temperature, sore throat, and more) and this will mark them as All Good, Doctor, Quarantine and Infected .

Subsequently, whenever users go out, they will need to enable the application (which can track your location) to alert them if they are in proximity to someone else who is either infected by coronovirus or at high risk. Huh. In this way, users of this app can be protected from catching viruses.

Quarantine watch

Created by the Department of Revenue of the Government of Karnataka, the quarantine watch helps the state authorities to take care of the people by asking them to ‘report themselves’ while under vigilance.

The government is urging users to upload a selfie every hour, while they are in a 14-day separation period. If the GPS coordinates the changes, they will be sent to a government-run mass quarantine center.

The user has to register himself on the app by entering personal details such as name, phone number, residential address, district, signs and travel history. The quarantine watch also provides health helpline numbers. The app has crossed 10,000 downloads on the Google Play Store.


Ayyesa is an India-born data marketplace, which rewards users for intentionally and anonymously trading their data through the Ayyyasa app.

The app is equipped with geo-location sharing and health-mapping features. This allows users to regularly key in their health data that can then be mapped to identify anomalies, and notify both the user and the relevant authorities to take preventive action when one is identified can be done.

The application continuously compares the user geolocation with the identified positive carrier geolocation to isolate cases of Kovid-19 contacts and again alerts the user as well as the relevant authorities.

In addition, there are features such as alerts in case the user enters a high positive case density geography etc., all of this is shared with the user’s identity as well as with the authorities concerned when necessary and anonymous at all other times Be kept.

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