10 Steps To Take After Being in a Truck Accident

Getting into an accident that involves large trucks can be horrifying. Not only do these accidents often lead to serious injuries, but they also tend to cause tons of damage to any involved vehicles. If you’re caught in the middle of a truck accident, there are ten steps that you should be taking post-accident:

1. Immediately Call 911

Before doing anything else, you should call 911 and report the accident. Especially if you are worried that someone involved in the accident may be injured, you need to alert the authorities. The medical professionals and police that arrive at the scene will ensure everyone is safe and secure. As they arrive, they will also be able to assist you with the following nine steps that we’ll be covering. This is also a great time to contact any trusted Chicago truck accident lawyers that you might know.

2. Collect Evidence

Collecting evidence is a key part of ensuring at-fault parties are held responsible for their actions. You need to take pictures of the accident scene from as many angles as possible. Be sure to get the license plate number of all involved vehicles, and the driver’s license of all involved individuals before leaving the scene if at all possible. If nearby witnesses have taken photos, you should seek those out as well.

3. Exchange Information

You need to ensure you have accurate, reliable contact information for everyone involved in the accident. If the person who hit you is working for a company, you need to get that company’s contact information as well. Next, you’ll need to ensure that all insurance-related information is documented. The more information you have about the people and vehicles involved in the accident, the better.

4. Interview Witnesses

Witness testimony is often a large part of lawsuits surrounding truck accidents. You need to get honest, reliable interviews with anyone willing to describe the accident if possible. As your lawsuit progresses, you may want to leave any interviews that are done to your legal representative, however. Doing so will ensure the testimony will be useful for your truck accident lawsuit.

5. Receive Medical Help

If you’re seriously injured in a truck accident, you need to make this your number one priority. However, if you’re able to walk away from the accident without immediate medical attention, you need to go to the hospital as soon as you leave the accident scene. Not only will this allow you to learn if you have any injuries that you’re unaware of, but it will ensure you have the medical paperwork you’ll need for your lawsuit as well.

6. Consider Hiring an Attorney

Truck accident lawyers are experts at handling the legal aftermath of accidents. By hiring an attorney you trust, you can have the peace of mind that you’ll get the justice and restitution that you deserve. Always put in the effort to hire a truck accident lawyer ASAP, as this will increase your chances of winning your case.

7. Get Proof of Employment

If the truck driver involved in the accident claims to work for a company, you need to verify that they are actually an employee of that company. Truck drivers should have proof on them at all times, however, so this step tends to be fairly simple. If a truck driver lies to you about their employment, you should let your lawyer know immediately.

8. Write a Demand Letter

Demand letters ensure that your best interests are being represented post-accident. They include details of your injuries, the cause of the accident, and the monetary settlement amount that you’re seeking as compensation. If you already have a truck accident lawyer, you should consider letting them draft your demand letter.

9. File an Insurance Claim

This is another step where you should seek assistance from your legal representative. You want to ensure that your insurance claim is as accurate as possible, as this will help you during the rest of the lawsuit process. Depending on the nature of the accident, there may be a wide variety of insurance forms to fill out if you want to complete your claim.

10. Wait for the Right Settlement

The first settlement offer you receive may or may not be sufficient. If you find the settlement offer unacceptable, you should ask your lawyer to continue the settlement process. By waiting for the right settlement, you’ll be ensured that you’re receiving the restitution that you deserve.

Stay Safe on the Road in 2022

While these ten steps will help you post-accident, it’s everyone’s responsibility to drive safely anytime they hit the road. By staying safe on the road in 2022, you’ll make your community a more pleasant place to live.

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