Chile, India, France: Coronavirus World News Updates

Chile has become the first country to issue an “immune card” for those who have overcome coronovirus, allowing holders to return to work, despite the question of whether those recovered are actually immune , How long any immunity can last, and the accuracy of antibody tests.

Underscretary of the Chilean Ministry of Health Drs. Paula Daza said on Sunday, “We need to learn to live differently.”

Anyone can apply for the card, which will be started from Monday. To qualify, Chillies have to take a test that shows they have antibodies to novel coronaviruses. People who have had the disease should be free of symptoms for at least 14 days – or 28, if they have a compromised immune system.

Under those criteria, 4,338 people are eligible, Drs. Daza said.

But critics have questioned the notion that the recovered patients are not contagious and Immune to re-infection, And raised doubts about the accuracy of the tests.

Chile has imposed quarantines that are in the capital, Santiago and other areas of the country. It has tested more people for the virus than any other Latin American country, with 10,088 coronovirus cases identified, and 133 deaths.

With the number of cases likely to reach the peak in May, Health Minister, Jaime Manalich has reiterated that “the worst is yet to come.” The flu season, which is rapidly approaching winter as well as in the Southern Hemisphere, is likely to further stress Chile’s public health system.

However, the government has announced that public sector employees will also return to their offices from Monday.

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