Coronavirus Live Updates: New Jersey and New Orleans Among New U.S. Hot Spots; Top U.S. Officials Warn of ‘Our Pearl Harbor’

During CNN’s “State of the Union”, Illinois’ government J.B. Pritzker speculated that the peak of his kingdom was expected by the end of April. As of Saturday, Illinois had reported 10,000 infections and 250 deaths, and has begun establishing temporary hospitals.

Mr. Pritzker accused the Trump administration of not responding adequately to warnings of the severity of the virus issued by intelligence in January and February.

“If they had started in February construction ventilators were getting ready for this epidemic, the problems we don’t have today, and frankly, very few people would die.”

The governor, a Democrat who has requested 4,000 ventilators from the federal government, It is noted that states do not have the same power as the federal government, especially when it comes to using the Federal Defense Production Act.

“There is no way we can share in anticipation of an epidemic that no one anticipated, and yet the federal government is responsible for recovering,” Mr. Pritzker said.

In New York, which has been hit hardest, Gov. Andrew M. Kyomo said in his regular daily briefing in Albany that there appears to be “a slight plateau” in the number of coronovirus-related deaths in the state, with a total of 4,159 on Sunday morning, up from 3,565 on Saturday morning. The number of cases in the state reached 122,031, compared to 113,704 a day earlier. In New York City, the numbers ranged from 60,306 to 67,551.

Mr. Cuomo said that New York may be “near the top”, but added that “we don’t know for the next few days, does it go up, does it go down.”

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