Covid-19: Are we testing enough? Here’s how India fares versus others

The global number of Kovid-19-positive cases now exceeds 1.5 million, and the fatal number is around 83,000. More than 11 million trials have been conducted worldwide so far, with countries increasing their testing capabilities to increase coronovirus infections.

According to ICMR data, India has conducted around 160,000 trials (on 8 April). And the number of positive cases in the country stands at 6,237 (6 pm on 9 April) – of which 3.8 percent of the tests have found positive results for coronovirus.

The US, by comparison, has conducted the most 2.2 million tests of all countries – and a fifth of all those tests are throwing positive results.

In other epidemic countries, the proportion of infections in tests conducted is the highest in Iran. Its number of positive cases currently exceeds 64,000, which is 31 percent of 200,000 Kovid-19 trials.

Belgium and France are ranked after Iran. In Belgium, about 26 percent of all those tested were infected. France conducted more than 200,000 trials on April 2 (latest available data), and had 59,000 confirmed cases – a ratio of 26.4 percent.

Germany, which is among the countries with the highest numbers for the Kovid-19 tests, saw only 5.6 percent of the samples giving positive results on 1 April (the latest available data on tests conducted by that country).

For Spain, the ratio is .2 per cent, with 300,000 trials and around 25,000 confirmed Kovid-19 cases on 21 March. The current number of cases in Spain is 1,50,000, but it has not reported the number of trials conducted since 21 March.

Per capita test

The number of tests conducted by India on a per-capita basis is less than other countries. With a population of around 1.38 billion, the Kovid-19 test has been only 0.04 per 10,000 population of India.

Spain has the highest number of tests conducted per capita in the top 10 countries – 18.3 per 10,000 population. This is followed by Italy, with 15.8 tests per 10,000 population. The per-capita test ratio for both Germany and the UK is approximately eight per 10,000 population.

The US tops most tests, but it is very low in per capita test ratio – 1.2 tests per 10,000 people. Both South Korea and Russia are worse than the US, each with a ratio of 0.6 tests per 10,000 population. Currently the case for both countries is more than 10,000, even they have flattened their growth rate for new cases.

First Published: Thu, 09 Apr 2020. 20:40 IST

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