COVID-19: New device to track patients

The COVID-19 epidemic has put the entire health infrastructure of India under tremendous pressure. Following the relaxation of lockdown restrictions, there has been an alarming increase in positive cases and the numbers are increasing by the day. The negligent attitude of the people can be largely attributed to this rapid increase in cases. As the deadly infection engulfs the entire country, it has become necessary to think of new ways to prevent the spread of the infection. Apart from the restriction on the movement and activities of the people, other things also have to be kept in mind. Many people hide symptoms and when some tests are positive, they issue guidelines. This is dangerous because it spreads the disease more. Also Read – Should you wear a fabric mask or medical mask?

We have seen that many applications have been developed to track pandemics since the onset of viral outbreaks. Taking this further, students at Ashoka Institute in Varanasi have now invented a device that not only tracks COVID-19 positive patients, but also sends alarms to officers and police personnel as they enter the hotspot. Also Read – Baba Ramdev claimed Giloy and Ashwagandha can be cured COVID-19: What is the truth?

New tool to ensure patients follow isolation guidelines

Through this device, the device is called Smart Guard for COVID-19 ‘, patients with coronovirus infection who are admitted to a hospital or quarantine center can be monitored. Designed by Dhananjay Pandey, Nikhil Kesari and Mohammad Saif under the direction of Shyam Chaurasia of the Institute’s Research and Development Department, the device can be sued for monitoring the homes of positive patients. This is useful because many infected patients in the area sometimes carelessly try to get out of their home. In such a situation there may be a risk of spreading the virus. But this device is capable of monitoring their movements immediately. Not only this, police personnel posted in the hotspot area will also be sent information about the watchful patient. Also Read – Eating Between the COVID-19 Epidemic: This Is What You Should Keep In Mind

It can help spread the disease

Applying this device in front of the patient’s home, which is in quarantine, will also inform the authorities about the patient’s activities. If someone exits the house, the sensor installed in the equipment will be activated and the policeman deployed in the hotspot area will be immediately informed of the patient’s location. This will be done by sending calls and messages. This will enable the police to take timely action. It can be installed at a hospital or home gate and the sensor range is from 5 meters to 10 meters.

This device uses camera, motion sensor, mobile, GPS system, battery, calculator, 5 volt relay. It has a 5 volt PIR sensor, 9 volt battery, keypad mobile and CCTV camera. Developers have added a keypad mobile phone to this device with a motion counting sensor camera. The device can be mounted like a camera above the doors of patients’ homes stored in the hotspot area.

Device cost

It costs Rs 8,500 to assemble the device.

(With inputs from IANS)

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