Dead Butt Syndrome: From symptoms to prevention, all you need to know

Can extended sitting make a few of the physique muscle groups inactive to such an extent that they have a tendency to overlook their actual operate? Doctors say, it may well. One such situation is named gluteal amnesia popularly referred to as the “Dead Butt Syndrome”.

“If one develops the pattern of sitting for long hours with inactive hip and knee muscles then over a period of time the brain diminishes the neural drive to the gluteal muscles. Today, when physical activities are massively affected and majority of the working schedules are restricted within the confined areas of home, people with lesser physical activity are prone to develop this condition,” mentioned Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma, director orthopedics and backbone surgical procedure, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram.

How does it occur?

When we sit for too lengthy, the gluteal muscle groups positioned behind our buttocks might begin getting enlarged or stretch misplaced, mentioned Dr Monu Singh, senior advisor, chief of companies, joint substitute, arthroscopy, and sports activities medication, Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital.

“Progressively, they begin getting ineffective and inefficient. Normally after we rise up our gluteal muscle groups ‘involuntarily’ give help to pelvis, to hold our backbone straight. The motion of those gluteal muscle groups is spontaneous with out us being aware about it. Once these muscle groups are stretched out and lose the flexibility to mechanically tighten and help the pelvis throughout standing and strolling, it may well lead to Gluteal Amnesia. People with weight problems and inactive life-style are extra on the threat of creating it.

Why does the situation happen?

“The condition may even occur due to deficiency of vitamin D, vitamin B12 and over-consumption of alcohol,” mentioned Dr Verma.


It begins presenting in decrease again ache, thigh ache and progressively begins affecting decrease physique actions. Hence symptoms like pelvic ache whereas strolling or sitting, issue in standing for a chronic interval, and constant decrease again ache shouldn’t be ignored and instantly examined.

“Considering the time we are living in, symptoms like consistent pain in back, balancing problem while standing should be reported to the doctor without fail. Daily exercises and a healthy diet can ensure prevention,” mentioned Dr Singh.


Lesser bodily exercise progressively leads to quite a few muscle and bone well being points. Getting lively can guarantee prevention up to some extent:

One hour alarm
Don’t sit for too lengthy. Set an alarm for each hour and stand up with it to transfer your physique, take a stroll inside your room, or/and do some stretching for 2 to three minutes.

Depending upon particular person power and adaptability and after the involved physician’s recommendation, one can do squats to hold the decrease portion of the physique lively.

Stretching and strengthening
Quite a few train patterns encompass two components – stretching the hip flexors, and strengthening the gluteal, stomach and core muscle groups

Pelvic lifts
While mendacity in your again, bend each knees to 90 levels after which elevate pelvis up and maintain for 30 seconds. Then, if potential elevate one leg and pelvis collectively whereas holding the opposite knee bent at 90 levels. This train is an actual check for gluteal power.

Better vitamin
Keep the vitamin worth excessive. Ensure higher consumption of vitamin D, B12, calcium, protein and so forth. Take a balanced food plan and keep away from binge consuming.

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