#DobaraPoocho: Deepika Padukone launches powerful mental health awareness campaign

The 34-year-old actor has launched a powerful campaign: #DobaraPoocho, urging people to pay more attention to their loved ones and keep in touch with them constantly, asking them about their mental health issues and problems.

Deepika Padukone has always been a great advocate for mental health awareness, and has done extensive work to achieve this with The Live Love Laugh Foundation, the mental health organization she founded. The 34-year-old actor has launched a powerful campaign: #DobaraPoocho, urging people to pay more attention to their loved ones and constantly keep in touch with them, asking them about their struggles and mental health issues.

The Padmaavat actor took to his Instagram account and posted a short video that conveys the message of how you should care more about your loved ones and constantly control them. The captioned video, “Now more than ever we need to be responsive and support the emotional needs of those around us …” follows four stories of friends, siblings, a partner, and a father and son, and at every instant everything seems to be Okay, until the other person asks if everything is okay and they want to know if something bothers the other. After convincing, the other person (who is having a problem) talks and lets the tears flow. The four-minute video is safe, and more and more celebrities are coming to talk about the importance of mental health, especially after the sudden death by suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who not only rocked Bollywood, but the entire India.

Through the Dobara Poocho campaign, Deepika appears to be urging people to continue to monitor their loved ones once, even if they assure them that they are okay, and also sheds light on the fact that mental health issues and Illnesses remain taboo subjects in our society, and people avoid talking about such subjects. Last week, Deepika also released a video alongside Dr. Shyam Bhatt and Dr. Soumitra Pathare on suicide prevention, talking about why people can do it when they do it. The video caption read: “#SuicidePrevention. As I embarked on this journey more than 5 years ago, recent tragic events have made us realize that now more than ever, we must prioritize mental health and intensify our focus on #SuicidePrevention ”

Deepika’s extensive work in spreading mental health awareness has also earned her the Crystal Award at the World Economic Forum for spreading the importance of mental health.

Through its foundation, which started in June 2015 after suffering from depression, Deepika launched several awareness campaigns nationwide in hopes of reducing the stigma of talking about mental health.

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