India coronavirus dispatch: Does your health insurance cover Covid-19?

Here is a round of articles in Indian news publications about how the country is dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic. From a testing laboratory to 30 million people, in the sense of community broadcasting, and how fast coronovirus can spread through hospital surfaces – read these in today’s India remittance.

CCMB of Hyderabad has developed a Covid test that can: handle 50,000 times more samples’: We spend very little money on research, science and technology, but we need to realize solutions to the problems inherent in science. Read this interview with Rakesh Mishra, director of the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), which explains how a laboratory will solve a crisis. The government and large industrial houses have probably realized that amid the spread of Covid-19 – the positive impact of the disease. Read more

How scientists around the world are fighting the next pandemic: If a two-year-old child living in poverty in India or Bangladesh becomes ill with a common bacterial infection, there is a more than 50 percent chance that an antibiotic treatment will fail. Somehow the child has acquired an antibiotic resistant infection – even to drugs to which they may never be exposed. how? Unfortunately, this child also stays in one place with limited clean water and less waste management, which is constantly exposed to fecal matter. Read more here

30 million people, a coronavirus testing laboratory – a crisis in eastern U.P. Jaunpur does not have a Covid-19 testing laboratory of its own. Except Varanasi and Gorakhpur, none of the 17 districts in Purvanchal has a laboratory that can perform reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests. They all have trunet machines that are used to test for diseases such as tuberculosis, which can now be used for the Covid-19 test. Read more here

The Covid-19 crisis brings an opportunity to expand the autonomy of public universities: As universities scramble to put together their online infrastructure with insufficient preparation, there is a complete inclusion of the spato-temporal dimension to learning from home. “Distance education”, traditionally the least favorite sibling of the ‘regular’ system, has come mainstream in its technological avatar. The “new normal” will see many more unexpected attacks. Read more here

Does your health insurance cover Covid-19 costs? A health insurance policy typically covers all hospitalization expenses incurred by the insured for all illnesses, except for any significant ones that are not part of the policy. However, following an IRDAI circular, even those who have a general health insurance policy (taken in person, or offered by the employer) can also claim insurance for Covid-19 treatment. Will be able to Read more here

Community Broadcasting, Covid-19 Phase Which Delhi Health Minister Said? Community transmission or dissemination is said to occur when the source of contagion is not known – that is, when an affected carrier is unable to detect an infection after traveling in the area or coming in contact with a person who has the disease. . A community status means that the virus is now roaming the community, and can infect people with any history – either traveling or contacting affected people and areas.

At this stage, it is theoretically possible for everyone to catch the transition. Read more here

India should regulate its wildlife, wild meat markets: To understand what happens if wildlife, wild meat markets are not regulated and illegal trade in wildlife is not curbed, one only needs to look at the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic. Two-thirds of the first 41 patients with laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 infections in hospitals were exposed to the Huanan seafood market, “an important center in the lucrative trade of wildlife – both legal and illegal”. Scientists believe that this poorly regulated, unenonitary market has all the conditions that are favorable for the transmission of the virus from animals to humans. Read more here

How fast can coronovirus spread through hospital surfaces? A new study has indicated how SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, can spread on surfaces in a hospital. For safety, the researchers did not use the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but artificially replicated a portion of the DNA from a plant-infected virus, which cannot infect humans, then transferred it to SARS-CoV. -2 copies were found in respiratory samples of infected patients added to one ml of water at the same concentration. Results: Virus DNA left on the hospital bed rail was found in almost all sites sampled in a ward within 10 hours and persisted for at least five days. Read more here

Best practices for home quarantine of Covid-19 patients: Home recovery does not just mean being confined within your home and waiting for it to end. Following some good practices during home quarantine can speed up the recovery process, while protecting others in the family. Even simple things like correct diet, eight hours of sleep, adequate hydration and maintaining a positive attitude can help in the recovery process. Read more here

What are the stages of vaccine development and what do they mean? The news headlines are the results of tests related to Covid-19 interventions. It is easy to get excited about reading a new medicine or vaccine. But early successes do not guarantee that a treatment will work. Like Alzheimer’s, Covid-19 is a complex disease, and clinical trials are particularly challenging to test, with highly variable results. The process for drug and treatment approval is lengthy, but is designed to guarantee that the help a doctor gives you will not harm you. Read more here

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