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Some states may face emergence of intensive care unit hospitalization during summer and early fall. A plan document Issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Health and Human Services.

The presentation excluded Nevada, which has more than 1,000 ICUs. The beds were occupied by Kovid patients in the worst condition around August, and Maine, where 500 I.C.U. The beds could be occupied.

The 16-page document, labeled for official use only, found that 18 percent of people who responded in an April poll found C.D.C. Did not plan to cover a mask or face, or did not know how to get one or how to make one.

Harvard’s T.H. Professor of Public Health in Barry Bloom. The Chan School of Public Health, said the guidelines were thoughtful but unclear. Even if cases have declined for two weeks, the numbers should be small enough so that every case can be identified and every contact can be traced. He said hospitals should have additional capacity to deal with potential new flare-ups.

But the president’s preference for the latter approach was evident in his brief remarks. “Some of you are in very good shape to open in a hurry, and if you wish, according to the guidelines, you can open before the May 1 date,” he said. “If on the other hand you want to take your time,” he said, that would be acceptable.

The President has repeatedly said that he wants to bring the country back to work. But public health officials and many governors have said that Mr. Trump’s desire for normalcy is underway in the reality that doing so could lead to more infections and once again the health system to its peak.

“We are in excellent shape on the test,” the president said on the call, though several problems were reported by several governors. He created a new version of the test that included the saliva test and complained in graphic detail about the first version performed on it.

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