Signs your body is not receiving enough sunshine or vitamin D

In the absence of outdoor activities, such as walking to the market every day, or getting on a bus to work, people are receiving low amounts of vitamin D, as their exposure to the sun is now limited.

Everyone needs a change in routine, because monotony can lead to many problems. Many countries around the world have urged people not to stay at home and step outside, unless absolutely necessary, to level the curve and better deal with the epidemic. In India, people have been in lockdown for three months, after which, the government has recently relaxed some restrictions. And yet, many people are definitely staying at home and staying safe.

Right now your boredom should be minimal, as many people are complaining about not being fit, as they have been at home for weeks. And then, there are some who, despite taking care of themselves at home by eating clean and nutritious food, say that they are feeling beats more than ever.

This may be because in the absence of outdoor activities, such as going to the market every day, or taking a bus to work, people are getting low amounts of vitamin D, as their exposure to the sun is now limited. And there are some tell-tale signs to watch out for, if you think you’re not really getting as much of the natural vitamin D as is normal. What do you want to know here

* You may experience many mood changes, starting with stress and anxiety, to depression and consternation. This is one of the classic signs that your body is not getting enough natural sunlight. Go outside more often, stand on the balcony and get yourself out of Vitamin D.

* In lockdown, many people may experience more hair loss than usual. This is again a tale-telling sign that your body may use some vitamin D to keep it healthy, and to prevent thinning.

* If you are experiencing some type of muscle pain, or are feeling more tired and tired than before, chances are it may be due to vitamin D deficiency. lower back pain And are also very common in couples.

* The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that people who are deficient in Vitamin D also suffer from weak immunity. And right now, strengthening your immunity should be your right goal. Do not make yourself more susceptible to seasonal infections; Let the sun do its work.

However, before you think about taking the vitamin D option, know that the sun is the best source. And besides, talk to your doctor if you are showing any of the above symptoms. They will be able to guide you better.

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