Study says covid-19 can cause delirium and rare brain inflammation

In this latest study, it has been discovered that by the end of Covid-19 many patients show neurological symptoms such as confusion as the first indicator.

A new study has shown that Covid-19 may have neurological complications Delirium in the brain – includes sudden changes that cause mental confusion and Emotional disorganization, brain swelling, stroke and nerve damage. Research team at University College London (UCL) and University College London Hospitals (UCLH) published the study in Brain Journal. And According to the study, there appear to be cases of ADEM (an inflammatory disease) The epidemic is increasing, and may prove fatal.

In the study, some patients felt asymptomatic with neurological The disorder is the first and main indicator of Covid-19. Joint Senior Writer Drs. Michael Zandi (UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology) And University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) said:

We identified more than expected number of neurological people Conditions such as inflammation of the brain, which did not always correlate with the severity of respiratory symptoms.

“We should be vigilant and find out about these complications in those who Covid was 19. Will we see a mass epidemic of the brain Epidemic damage – probably similar to encephalitis slowness The outbreak continued in the 1920s and 1930s after the influenza pandemic of 1918 to be seen.”

Yup, Covid-19 can also reach the brain. (Picture courtesy: Shutterstock)

Also gives a detailed description of the neurological symptoms of 43 people (Aged 16–85), who confirmed or suspected Covid-19 and was being Treated at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, UCLH. Researchers identify 10 cases of transient encephalopathies (temporary) Brain dysfunction) with babble, which coincides with finding other studies Evidence of babble with movement. 12 cases of brain inflammation, eight cases of stroke and eight others with nerve damage, mainly Guillain-Barré syndrome (which usually occurs after respiratory or gastrointestinal infections).

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Do not reduce headaches especially if you have symptoms of other Covid. (Picture courtesy: Shutterstock)

Nine of the 12 cases with inflammatory conditions of the brain were diagnosed Acute Disseminated Encephalitis (ADEM). ADEM is rare and commonly seen Among children. The condition of viral infection may increase. Team in london Adults face at least one adult patient with ADEM per month. During the study period which has become at least one per week, which Researchers believe that there has been an increase. SARS-CoV-2-Covid-19 causing virus was not detected in the cerebrospinal cord The brain fluid of any patient was tested, suggesting that the virus was not directly Attacking the brain causes neurological disease. Further research is needed To understand why patients were developing these complications.

Stress due to irregular periods and Ayurveda
Research is still required to find out why patients are developing these complications. (Picture courtesy: Shutterstock)

Researchers have found evidence that brain inflammation in some patients This was possible due to an immune response to the disease. this shows that Some neurological complications of Covid-19 may actually occur
Not just the immune response and the virus. Dr. Another study related to Zandi and co-author Dr. Hadi Manji (UCL Queen) Square Neurology Institute) identified 153 people with neurological Complications from Covid-19. This paper also confirmed earlier More than the expected number of patients with a stroke were reported. This was stated as a result of excessive viscosity of blood in COVID-19 Patients.

Joint first author Drs. Ross Patterson (UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology) Says: “Given that the disease is only for a few months, we It is not yet known whether Covid-19 can cause long term damage.” “As an early diagnosis, doctors should be aware of the potential neurological effects can improve patient outcomes. People recovering from the virus Professional health advice if they experience neurological symptoms” Added.

Joint Senior Writer Drs. Hadi Manji says: “Our study incorporates for the first time Timing, clinical presentations of patients with Covid-19 neurological disease A brain biopsy, in one case, with MRI and laboratory facilities. “Now it creates a blueprint for other researchers around the world, Facilitate integrated research to optimize diagnosis and treatment These complications, which to date, have proved difficult. In addition, patients Long-term followup is required.”

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