Tips to prevent eye irritation while working on your laptop

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Published: April 9, 2020 7:10:46 pm

Take breaks from the screen again and again. (Source: Getty Image)

Most of us spend hours on our laptops working from home. This is naturally putting a lot of pressure on our eyes.

Dr. Anita Sethi, Director, Ophthalmology Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, said, “Prolonged exposure in front of a laptop screen can cause eye strain or some amount of dry eyes.” Blue light emitted from the screen is harmful to your eyes, research suggests. According to a study published in Current medical research and opinion, moderate to severe Dry eye This affects not only our general health but also our daily work productivity negatively.

So, Dr. Here are some tips to take care of your eyes while working from home as suggested by Sethi:

1. Take a break from the screen every 15-20 minutes or at most one hour. This involves consciously opening and closing your eyes and looking away from the screen for about 15–20 seconds. Try and focus your sight on a distant object.

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2. Taking a break from a laptop screen does not mean that you can spend time on your phone or watch television or read a book. The idea is to give your eyes some rest. So you can use the time well by listening to some music or talking to someone.

3. It is allergy season, dr. Sethi said. So, if you are experiencing some burning, itching, watery or redness in the eyes, it is recommended that you contact a doctor who can prescribe some anti-allergy drops. Consulting with doctors now over phone or video calling, seeking medical advice should not be difficult. In case of just redness of the eye, which is a symptom of eye strain, you can apply the lubricating eye drops available in the pharmacy. But do not use any kind of eye drops without doctor’s advice.

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4. If you wear glasses, keep them clean. The doctor said avoid touching your eyes too much as this is a possible portal for coronovirus penetration.

5. work out Every day for some time. This will improve circulation in the body and eye, keeping them healthy.

6. Do not lie down while using your laptop or reading a book. Do not work with screen light on your laptop only in a dark room or it can cause eye strain. While you are working, sit on the table in an upright position to avoid back pain.

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