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COVID-19 virus belongs to the family of coronaviruses. It is a fast-growing pathogen that has infected millions of people worldwide and has over 600,000 dead. How can the deception that has brought the world to a standstill be stopped? How close are we to a vaccine? What is the effect on mental health? Could the crisis be an opportunity for India’s pharmaceutical industry? These are some of the important questions that the world and India are dealing with. Also Read – Oral cancer drug may help deal with COVID-19: clinical trial

The COVID-19 Health Summit will bring together top global experts from the international health fraternity to explore the impact, challenges and solutions of the epidemic on one platform. In this event, the Union Health Minister of India, Dr. Harshvardhan will be the chief guest and will deliver the keynote address. ALSO READ- COVID-19 LIVE UPDATE: Cases in India rise to 15,83,792, death toll 34,968

Session 1: When will the epidemic end?

The purpose of the first session of the summit is to answer the question in everyone’s mind- “When will the epidemic end?” With global health experts such as Dr. Elisabetta Gropelli, Lawrence O. Gostin and virologist, Amos Panetta.

Session 1: Rejuvenation of India’s healthcare sector

The second session will be in-depth knowledge of what is required for the rejuvenation of India’s healthcare sector. MD of Apollo Hospitals, Dr. Sangeeta Reddy and Ayushmann India CEO Dr. Indu Bhushan and Dr. VK Paul, Chairman of the Board of MCI Drs. VK Paul and Drs. Former Health Secretary Dr. Shailaja Chandra Government of India will answer relevant questions.

Session 3: Mental Illness

Is Mental Illness the Next Epidemic? Or can it be postponed? Dr. Nimesh Desai, Director, IHBAS, Shubhang Arora, Executive Director of Yashoda Hospitals, Jonathan Huppert of Jerusalem University, and Psychiatrist Dr. Vikram Patel will join the third panel.

Session 3: COVID-19 Vaccine

In the fourth session of the summit, Wockhardt’s CFO, Manas Dutta, president of Atrimed Pharmaceuticals, Drs. Shiban Ganju, and former Director of AIIMS Dr. MC Mishra will give his insights into the COVID-19 vaccine race. And the role India will play in it.

The COVID-19 Health Summit will air on WION on Friday 31 July at 3:30 pm IST and will also be available on its website, social media and YouTube channel.

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