With one day remaining on delivery, she struggled to make the ‘Corona Testing Kit’

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The outbreak of the corona virus is increasing worldwide. The number of coronary infected patients in the United States has exceeded 1 million, and in India, the number of people infected with the virus has reached 199. The major reason for the low number of coronary arteries in India is that it is said that the prevalence of coronary arteries in India is very low and the government has not been able to identify many coronary arteries.

In India, the number of kits required for the test used to detect coronary artery disease is difficult to identify. All the kits available are being imported from abroad. Failure to identify coronavirus patients due to the low volume of kits and the time required for test results to be reported. Also, this one kit costs Rs.

But now it is possible to overcome this problem and with the new kit created by the My Lab of Pune, Corona test can be achieved in a very short period of time.

Through this, it will be easier to identify corona infected patients. Otherwise, these new kits are completely Indian made and the cost for them will be around Rs 5 per kit. Since these kits will be available for around a quarter of the previous kits, many will benefit from this. In addition, it will be possible to easily inspect 3 patients on the strength of this kit.

The kit has been certified by the National Institute of Virology in Pune and a certificate has been issued to My Lab that these kits can be used to detect Covid-19 virus.

This lab was created by My Lab’s Dr. Meenal Bhosale, who is nine months pregnant and has made an active contribution in the production of this kit.

After producing the kit and sending the kit for further examination, they have given birth to a baby girl.

Dr. Meenal Bhosle is the chief virologist in the research and development department of My Lab, who has been praised everywhere for his hard work in just a few weeks, which is expected to take three to four months. Even though she is pregnant, she has set a good example in the society during her time of national disaster and has made a big contribution to the health sector of the country.

Dr. Meenal Bhosale said in an interview to a private newspaper that the ninth month of her pregnancy had begun when she was asked to produce the kit. But he embraced the challenge and pushed himself to produce the kit. He worked for the manufacture of the kit till the 5th day, when the kit was sent to the Food and Drug Testing System of the Central Government. He was taken to the hospital that evening and gave birth to a daughter the next day.

Now after the certified by the National Institutes of Virology, the first batch of these kits has been shipped to Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Goa. Powered by Blogger. He said that we have taken the task of delivering these kits to various parts of the country as soon as possible.

There were several institutes working for the production of corona test kits in India but no one was failing to get a single result in ten consecutive tests but Dr. The kits produced by the team led by Meenal Bhosle gave the same result in ten consecutive tests, proving that it could be used for 100% usefulness. As certified by the National Institutes of Virology, Food and Drug Administration, these kits from My Lab will now be shipped across the country and a large number of corona suspects will be tested through this.

The greater the number of patients identified, the more likely it is to prevent the spread of the virus. Therefore, my lab and the government are working together to ensure that the kits reach the corners of the country.

My Lab, which has been working in the field of testing kits and microbial research for many years, has till date produced diagnostic testing kits like HIV, Hepatitis B.

Dr. The work and dedication of Meenal Bhosle is appreciated everywhere. Renowned entrepreneur Anand Mahindra and actress Sonny Rajdan also shared their views through the society. The work of Meenal Bhosle has been greatly appreciated.


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