How Roulette has remained on top

Whether you’re an avid gamer or not, it’s likely you’ve heard of Roulette. Many historians believe that the earliest forms of the game were played by Roman soldiers,as well as in Ancient Greece, where chariot wheels and weapons would be spun in a circle and bets would be placed on the outcome. Of course, this is a far cry from the forms of Roulette we play today, but the question remains: how has this game stood the test of time, and remained on top?

Read on to find out.

The origins of Roulette

The more primitive form of the Roulette wheel we know and love today was actually created by accident. It was thanks to French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal, who in the 17th century, attempted to invent a perpetual motion machine. Naturally, he could not defy physics and his machine failed, but the mechanism was used to form the Roulette wheel.

Reinventing the wheel

In 1843, French brothers Francois and Louis Blanc, who had moved to Hamburg, Germany, reinvented the wheel. They sought out to set Hamburg apart from the rest of the world, sworn to help the city boost its economy using their skills. They did this by creating a version of the Roulette wheel that only had one green pocket – the single zero – removing the double zero pocket and taking the house edge down from 5.25% to 2.70%.

With higher winning chances, the popularity of what would later become known as the European Roulette wheel soared, taking centre stage in the first modern casino of it’s time: the Monte Carlo Casino.

Spinning into casinos everywhere

Whilst the game didn’t quite take off on American shores in the same way it had dominated Europe, Roulette still remained popular worldwide, with the double zero version – American Roulette – frequently being found in casinos in and around Nevada, spinning onto what would later become the Las Vegas Strip.

Both versions of Roulette continued to rise in popularity, becoming a casino staple and commonly being known as the ultimate game of chance.

Roulette in the modern day

In the current age, Roulette is rated as the second most popular casino game of all time, beaten to the mark by Blackjack, which takes the gold medal. Now, you can enjoy the many forms of Roulette at online casino sites, as well as at land-based establishments. But that’s not all– playing at the live casino at your favourite online sites allows you to enjoy Roulette from anywhere you are, at any time you fancy, with a real-life human dealer hosting the game in real-time, directly from a specialist studio! There are a variety of themed variations of the game available to play live including Age of the Gods Roulette and LiveFootball Roulette, for example.

So, it’s really technology we have to thank for keeping Roulette on top, as online casinos are constantly evolving and adapting with the times, constantly providing you with new and unique gameplay, keeping the Roulette wheel spinning even further into the future.

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