How This Farmer’s Son Used A Small Ancestral Land To Build Multicrore Business

In the age of young people exploring today’s career options, there are some young people who are striving to modernize agriculture, one of the oldest industries, and shape it as a profitable career option. Rohit Chavan from Pune, Maharashtra, is one of those few examples.

Rohit comes from an economically humble family. His father carried out agricultural activities just to earn a living and support himself. Farming could never have been a lucrative career option for Rohit considering his father’s low income, yet he studied the difficulties out of curiosity. Rohit soon realized that agriculture has a very strong business outlook after the removal of agents from the supply chain. After the initial investigation, Rohit was adamant that he was going to change his family’s destiny using the same family-owned farmland.

Despite financial struggles, Rohit somehow completed his Master of Agriculture in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Rohit was desperate to earn good money from ancestral farmland and change his family’s standard of living. The geographic region of his land encourages the cultivation of grapes and pomegranates, but, farmers did not earn enough money due to outdated techniques and chain agents, Rohit worked in both areas. He began researching modern methods of growing local fruits. Research on scientific methods helped Rohit intelligently avoid losses due to weather conditions.

Going further, he joined an export company as an unpaid employee to gain a better understanding of the fruit export industry. Exporting is an economically lucrative business model, but farmers do not export directly due to lack of knowledge.

Rohit Chavan

Rohit Chavan is also using his knowledge to educate other farmers. During the COVID -19 crisis, Rohit helped many farmers convert their grapes into raisins and avoid losses due to unsold inventory. The benefited farmers are happy to have discovered the true potential of their business.

Today, Rohit Chavan has expanded Laxmi farms from their ancient 15 acres of land to 80 acres of property. Her farm has the cultivation of 100k Grape and Granada plants. It has made strenuous efforts to ensure the quality of its products. High quality guarantees large export orders, as the minimum quality standards for exports are really high. Its Grapes are grown with the Zero Residue Model, so the quality of the product is refined. In addition, the size of each grape is checked before packaging for export. The quality orientation has helped Rohit build a network of happy consumers without mediators. Most of Rohit’s clients come from rich countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

India has an agrarian economy, however agriculture is one of the most backward industries in India by international standards. In recent decades, especially after the Indian economy opened up to foreign companies in the 1990s, young people have stayed away from farming. But, lately, we have observed some young people experimenting with the agricultural sector. The importance of the agricultural sector has risen suddenly due to the COVID-19 crisis. In times of trial, people like Rohit are more than just a business journey that can inspire young people to take agriculture as a career option and reshape India’s economy after Covid-19.

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