How to Keep Your Outlook Contacts in Order

Nowadays, communication plays an important role in business. Sometimes even a brief meeting turns into a fateful one and completely changes our life. The speed of communication also imposes increased demands for the order and safety of the contact book. Lost contact information means a missed deal. You will not have clients if you do not know how to reach them. If you know how to handle the Microsoft Outlook address book, you can do a lot.

Useful Outlook Features for Managing Your Contacts

It often happens that people with business emails in Outlook have tons of contacts that are difficult to handle. Contacts can be private and corporate, so if you want to merge, split or group them by categories, you will need to master the below techniques. However, if you want to import contact files to Outlook from other applications, you will need extra software like this For constant communication, Outlook allows you to store your contacts directly inside your email.

1)   Creating a new contact in MS Outlook

There are two basic methods for adding contacts to Outlook: from the address book or email. The first method is useful if you want to add business cards to your contacts in MS Outlook. Having neatly organized information in your mailbox is much more convenient than storing stacks of cards that may be accidentally lost. After receiving a letter from a new address, information about it is easy to save in the address book. Just click on the email address, choose Add to Outlook ContactsSave & Close.

2)   Deleting contacts

Sometimes you need to delete a contact – either the information is outdated or you will no longer need it. Fortunately, this is done easily. Open the Address book – Contacts. Choose the address you would like to delete. Then right-click it and choose Delete. After clicking Yes, it will be deleted from the Address book.

3)   Creating a contact group

If you need to send a message to several people, the contact group will save time sending a letter to all members. Using this feature, you can be sure that everyone has received the same information. There is no risk of forgetting to send an email if you send it to everyone separately. Activate the People window, press on the three dots in the lower-left corner. The Navigation Options menu will appear. Choose to create a New Contact Group. In the relevant window, press the Add Member icon. Enter the name and address of the contact you want to add to the group. Confirm your actions by pressing OK.

Keep your MS Outlook mailbox in order by following the above tips. As you know how to add contacts and how to organize them into groups, you are ready to take full advantage of MS Outlook in your business and personal life.

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