iba faq on rbi moratorium: bank EMI: full information on three month discount, customers getting upset – confusion over bank 3 months emi moratorium, customers are getting upset

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Shishir Chaurasia, New Delhi

Due to the lockdown of the corona virus across the country, the Reserve Bank has given three months’ time to repay the EMI of the loan, but the bank has failed to give proper information about this to the customers on time. This is the reason that customers have been trying to get information from place to place since Tuesday, but are not able to be satisfied.

The announcement was made on 27 March

The announcement was made by Reserve Bank Governor Shaktikanta Das on March 27 only after reviewing the policy rates. He said that detailed guidelines in this regard will be issued from banks. It was hoped that in a day or two, guidelines will come in this regard. But banks delayed it and started tweeting about it in the evening on 31 March. By the time customers got the information, the working hours had passed in the branches of the banks. Although banks started sending information through SMS, it confuses more than satisfying customers.

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IBA Removed FAQ

The Union Finance Ministry posted a list of the Indian Bank Association (IBA) FAQ on April 1 in a tweet. This quenched the curiosity of the people. But the question arises that how many people of India would have been able to see the Twitter handle of the Finance Ministry. On April 1, when customers reached the bank branch after reading the news in the newspapers, there was an account closure due to it being the first day of the financial year. Means branch off.

Bank officials are also in the dark

When we wanted to know about this from a senior Indian Bank official, he too could not say anything. He said that today is April 1, the bank’s account is closed. Because of this we are unable to log into the system at all. Circular et cetera remains on the system. Now it will be known only on April 2. A similar reply was received from an official of the Central Bank of India.

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Senior officers also caught in bank merger

Since today, 10 public sector banks are being formed with four banks. Therefore, more attention of senior officers of these banks remained focused on merger. The perfect cancer lockdown was completed. A senior official of a bank headquartered in Mumbai says that his office is in the old city while most of the officers live in Navi Mumbai. Mumbai’s lifeline local train is currently closed. In such a situation, two-thirds of the people are unable to come.

Less educated customers are more worried

At this time, customers who are from the village or are less educated, have more problems. He is also unable to get information by reading the IBA FAQ. Their only source of information is the branch of the bank. But on Wednesday, the bank’s branch was also closed.

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