Ahmedabad auto driver gets ‘secular’ certificate from school for daughter

Ahmedabad: It seems to be unfit for the autorickshaw driver failed in 2017 to change its name to ‘RV155677820’, thus sharing Tesla Born in 2020 CEO Elon Musk child, unique-name with ‘X ae e-XII’ Category is. But on Monday, Ahmedabad driver got achieved a rare feat for your child – he gave her a “secular”. school leaving Certificate.

Drivers RAJVEER Upadhyay has also ensured that his daughter, not to mention their caste, creed or community evidence of aspiration letter. This is probably the certificate dropping its first such school which does not recognize on the basis of a person’s race or creed.

Production of this unusual document Chandkeda resident is due to the incredible efforts of the past three months, the 36-year-old Upadhyay. On Monday, 13-year-old aspiration has received certification from the school, which left blank column of religion and caste.

Upadhyay said, “If we want to make caste-less society, we must start by removing the race and religion of documents.”

“Got the certificate after numerous representations’


I am able to achieve certification by a number representing the Ahmedabad District Collector and Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. After considering the representations, school officials ignored my request.”

Upadhyay said he is as cited the case of a lawyer of Vellore, Tamil Nadu, whose identity Sneha. Upadhyay asserted in its representations that Sneha persuaded to remove their race and religion from all official documents to the authorities in 2019.

The lost of ‘RV155677820’ battle in May 2017, Upadhyay had filed a petition seeking to change its name to the District Collector of Ahmedabad. ‘RV155677820’ was his first name – RAJVEER – a combination of the two characters and their enrollment numbers on paper their school Leaving Certificate. Patidars was directed to fighting against falling too weak a quota of movement OBC reservation, contact the land sought Dalits rights.Upadhyay Rajkot Gazette office at Government Printing and Stationery Department of State was convulsed by three race movements.

But went rejected their petition. He then challenged the order in the Gazette office and praying to get an atheist status in April 2019 Gujarat petitioned the High Court.

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