‘Fake’ ventilators leave Gujarat model gasping for breath

Even as CM Rupani promoted the ‘breathing apparatus’ of a Rajkot-based private company, Gujarat’s largest Covid-19 hospital calls for a complete ventilator from the immediate center.

Chief Minister of Gujrat Vijay Rupani Has not left its stronghold in Gandhinagar and visited the most affected Corona-affected city of the state, Ahmedabad. But Rupani did this on 4 April when he inaugurated the Gujarat-made ventilator Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. Now, this is completely embarrassing for the Gujarat government as it turns out that what Rupani’s friend donated from Rajkot and what was set up in the civil hospitals were not really ventilators. It was a complete embarrassment 15 days after these machines were fitted in many government hospitals of the state.

Senior bureaucrat told Ahmedabad Mirror, this is a serious matter. A chief minister undergoing an ambu-bag as a ventilator is not only a criminal, but reflects how everything goes in the Gujarat government these days under Rupani’s rule. Ahmedabad Mirror is continuously reporting Vijay and how Anjali Rupani They have been promoting Rajkot on merit. The bureaucrat said that the first CM Rupani promoted his Rajkot officials and gave them shelter. Whetout informed him, the first center removed Ahmedabad collector Vikrant Pandey without taking CM or his CMO into confidence. Pandey was embarrassed for a non-critical position in New Delhi. On Sunday night, Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra was transferred as Rural Development Commissioner. He also had a strong Rajkot connection.

The bureaucrat said that this embarrassment of the Chief Minister is going through the abortion of his friend as the ventilator is being widely discussed and high order The CM has been exposed to yet another explosion that puts Gujarat in poor light.

Going back to April 4, the Gujarat CM said in a statement that in the current scenario of the ‘Covid-19’ epidemic, the entire world is facing acute shortage of availability of adequate number of ventilators because of its Seeking treatment of vertical bulge Coronavirus Patients. Thus, with the achievement of developing this cheap ventilator, Gujarat will become a path breaking leader in the world in the fight against deadly disease.

When Mirror tried to contact the chief minister, he was not available as usual, but a bureaucrat close to him tried to impress Mirrorport, the CM had never called him a ventilator before. When the Mirror argued, the bureaucrat hung up the phone. Hence Darpan dug up the coverage of the information department of Vijay Rupani government in the same way. His government pressnote It is clearly stated that Vijay Rupani called these machines as ventilators.

The pressnote clearly states, “Rajkot’s private company Jyoti CNC developed the ventilator clearly Dhaman-1 ‘in a very short period of only 10 days. The construction cost of Dhaman-1 is less than Rs 1 lakh. This major achievement will give a new wing to the dream campaign of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi in Make in India ”.

CM also met his friend Parakram Singh Jadeja. “The Chief Minister further said that the local industrialist of Rajkot, Mr. Parakram Singh Jadeja and his team of Jyoti CNC have made a great contribution towards the purpose of ‘Make in India, Make in Gujarat’ campaign. Later, Rupani and Patel made more efforts for Jadeja and Her team was congratulated for her great achievement, “the release states. Inefficiency of machines in the treatment of Covid-19 patients came to light when doctors of Ahmedabad Civil were not Despite 230 Dhamn -1machines demanded more government ventilator.

A senior official said that it is not an avantilator, it is a mechanized ambu-bag. However, we have been told that the manufacturer will come to showcase a better product. Sources in the civil hospital said that the main problem is that they are not ICU ventilators and doctors have been asked to use them only in odd circumstances.

Talking on the shortcomings of Rajkot-made medical devices, a hospital source said, “What is currently happening in Dhaman-1is is that we have to deliver a lot more oxygen than the commonly used ventilators. Therefore, we cannot use it as a ventilator, but perhaps later it can be used as an interim measure for patients before placing it on the appropriate ventilator. However, it has to be tested first. ”

It is not a complete ventilator and it was already well reported to the government. The ventilator has several modes, it is meant to address emergencies.

Parakram Singh Jadeja, speaking to the Mirror, admitted that, “It is not a complete ventilator and the government was already aware of it.” The ventilator has several modes, it is meant to address emergencies. We are developing Dhaman-3 which is a complete ventilator. We have also promised the government to upgrade all the ventilators that we have supplied.

But this will happen only after the import starts. We are disappointed to see so much negative talk about our efforts. It clearly looks like someone’s prank. “However, the company has explicitly mentioned the Dharaman-1H with ICU ventilator and compressorbed technology on the website and brochures.

However, despite having Dhaman-1 machines, the government has sent a request to the Center for 300 new full ventilators on an urgent basis for the total of 1,500 ventilators required in Gujarat. The head of the 1,200-bed Covid-19 Hospital, Dr. Jayaprakash Modi said, “The government asked us what we wanted and at the behest of our specialist doctors who are handling the ICU, we demanded a high-end ventilator for our hospital.”

Principal Secretary Health, Jayanti Ravi He said, “Even though developed countries and most major cities do not have ventilators and ventilators are difficult to find, Jyoti CNC initiated the fabrication and provided 1,000 ventilators for free. It has all the required parameters and has been tested by EQDC. Similarly our civil hospital specialist team has also seen its work and approved it. ”

Shaktisinh Gohil, national spokesperson Indian National Congress told the Mirror, “This is very worrying. The civil superintendent wrote a letter on 15 May stating that according to the anesthesia chief both were not producing the expected results for the ventilator COVID-19. ”

Gohil said that calling it blatant negligence, the Superintendent has categorically stated that it is not giving the expected results. “Under whose influence or direction the ventilator was installed by the company, which is of the same city as the Chief Minister, Rajkot. Representatives of the company did not even go to the civil hospital. Who is the director and how much fund he has given to BJP should also be investigated. He demanded an inquiry.

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