Surat suffers as diamond city records over 6,000 cases in July | Surat News

SURAT / AHMEDABAD: Two months ago, a study by Columbia University researchers argued that if a lockout was implemented in urban areas of the US, such as New York City, even 1-2 weeks ago, it could reduce cases Was and could lead to death by 61.6%. And 55%, respectively. By the same logic, if Surat had learned from the mistakes of Ahmedabad and later implemented best practices in the city, when Covid reached its peak in May-19 and June, the diamond city would not rebound under a spike in coronovirus cases must have come.

In a matter of 31 days in July, Surat became the epicenter of the state of epidemics, with one out of every five cases released from here. The erstwhile national hotspot – Surat recorded 6,263 for the first time, surpassing the state’s most populous city – compared to 5,135 cases reported by the city of Ahmedabad. Even in Surat, there are reports of migration of an estimated 18 lakh migrants within other states and Gujarat.

Even as CM Vijay Rupani prepares to review the situation in Surat for the second time on Sunday, there is resentment that the Health Department, under the leadership of Principal Secretary Jayanthi Ravi, can ensure that Surat, which is suffering from Ahmedabad Was recovering from, could have been better.

Local experts delay responsible responses from state and city administration. “Unlike Ahmedabad, which was closed by the Covid-19 epidemic, the Health Department knew that Surat would collapse in no time. The test was not performed on the ramp. Sociologist Satyakam Joshi says that there is a lack of basic awareness to allay fears about the disease as it is clear from the fact that many surtis are scared and oppose hospitalization.
Experts also say that Surat only had to appreciate the readily available and ‘Ahmedabad model’.

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