Armed forces use lease route to cut red-tape, stay prepared for adversaries

Rather than getting caught within the laborious defence acquisition course of, the armed forces are utilizing the monetary powers of vice-chiefs to lease out crucial weapon platforms from strategic allies just like the United Sstates, France and Russia. The vice-chiefs have the ability to buy 300 crore price of apparatus as a part of capital purchases in addition to half of 500 crore can be utilized for emergency necessities for the service however outdoors capital outlay.

According to South Block officers, the leasing of two Predator unmanned aerial autos from the US, a nuclear energy submarine Akula class to substitute the presently leased INS Chakra from Russia, and the proposal to lease a Airbus 330 multi-role transport tanker from France are examples on this path.

While the leasing course of permits the armed forces to prepare on a platform that it plans to purchase, it additionally short-circuits the labyrinth of acquisition course of like acceptance of necessity, request for data, request for proposal, defence acquisition committee, finance ministry approvals and eventually the Cabinet Committee of Security (CCS).

Faced with a northern neighbour who is continually inducting stand-off weapon techniques like weaponized drones, nuclear powered submarines, fifth era plane and huge warships, the leasing system not less than permits the Indian armed forces to be prepared for future wars.

“The leasing of two Predator drones from US allows India to train and be prepared to induct 10 such drones in each of the three services. The MQ9 Predator drone is a highly versatile UAV with capacity to target the adversary through Hell-fire missile and laser guided bombs. The process for acquisition of drones has already begun,” mentioned a prime admiral of Indian Navy.

The Navy can be eyeing to lease Rafale maritime fighters for its upcoming indigenous plane service INS Vikrant because the American fighters like F-18 and F-15 are too heavy and huge for 45,000 tonne flat-top warship.

After its tender to buy mid-air refuellers was canned by the Defence Ministry, the Indian Air Force is now leasing one Airbus 330 MRTT whereas eyeing additional lease of 5 extra refuellers presently with France by way of the correct acquisition route.

While the Indian Army has no plans to take weapon platforms on lease as of now, the army bought anti-tank weapon techniques, UAVs and laser guided shells from Israel beneath emergency purchases powers with the vice-chief at a time when India and China have been locked eyeball to eye ball at Pangong Tso in jap Ladakh.

While Chinese President Xi Jinping has supplied help to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to trip out of Covid-19 disaster, the paramount chief has refused to budge on the Gogra-Hot Springs difficulty in jap Ladakh as if the current authorities will enable the land dispute to be swept beneath the carpet or to be left to future generations.

With Beijing decided to play hardball on the border with India, the latter can have to be in superior state of preparedness with excessive tech weapons in case the balloon goes up when the pandemic with origins in Wuhan sweeps India.

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