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A bunch of volunteers in Bengaluru were able to feed around 25,000 guest workers; here’s how

This is a simple ask - cook at least three additional bread When you prepare a meal for your family. Like this, a bunch of The volunteers Were able to feed around 25,000 Guest worker.

If there was a peculiarity about this Lockdown, It was around food. While thousands of people stayed at home and found their inner cooks and documented their culinary efforts on social media, another group of people were displaced due to a sudden lock-off and to stay out of work for the day’s meals. Went withoutA group of volunteers, following pictures and news of thousands of people every day Bengaluru Launched an initiative called Roti Express. He asked friends and volunteers to make three extra loaves (or more) each day and volunteers gathered it from pre-decided pick-up points, and served it to the guest workers. The idea went viral and started among the residents of Pulakeshinagar which soon spread throughout the city.

Credit goes to them Henna Ratnam, 74, is a resident of Fraser Town and a wedding planner. Ratnam is not the most stranger Bengalureans, Many brides dressed in her bespoke bridal gowns. But this time Ratnam is in discussion for his kindness. In late May, she sent a message to her friends asking them to serve food to guest workers. She said she was reading and watching news and videos of guest workers who were suffering due to the lockout. “I had heard Bread Bank In Gujarat and Mumbai where people will donate food and guest workers can take it.

I thought we could implement it here as well. I told my friends to make extra loaves, and pack at least three so that we could deliver them to the needy people. The response to this simple request was unprecedented. Reactions were made and so were the rotis. We initially started collecting loaves from nearby apartments in Pulakeshinagar, but it soon spread to Malleswaram, Hebbal, Koramangala, Whitefield, Bannerghatta road and other parts of the city. Every day, we send our volunteers – assistants and drivers – to the six pick points from where the loaves will be picked up and sent to the Palace Grounds. People have been really generous and are very happy to share. In the last nine days, we have hired around 24,800 guest employees, ”she said.

I had heard of roti banks in Gujarat and Mumbai where people donated food, and guest staff could pick it up. I thought we could implement it here as well. I told my friends to make extra loaves, and pack at least three so that we could deliver them to the needy people.

– Rosemary Ratnam, 74, Wedding Planner

Ratnam says that she calls it Roti Express because everyone is expressing their concern and preparing food.

His son, Aneesh Ratnam, who runs a startup in the city, said that people from different parts of the city would approach him and would like to contribute. “We did not want these guest workers to return home with hunger. We wanted to help them and all the residents of our area started pitching in it. It soon went viral and many people started calling us to support the cause. They will prepare additional loaves and pack three in a roll and leave them at the collection centers.

The collection takes place between 10:30 am and 11:30 am after which we start distributing food. There are about 40 volunteers who work on the field and we pickle, buns, biscuits, buttermilk, milk and boiled eggs and boiled eggs for women and sanitary pads for women, water with dried milk powder Start distributing food with bottles. . We seek the help of civilian security personnel with crowd management during distribution.

Ratnam and other volunteers help him distribute food to more than 1,600 guest workers in Tripuravasini. Volunteers sometimes bring extra food and civil defense teams from Sadashivanagar and Vyalikaval distribute additional food among local workers in the surrounding areas. The Roti Bank of Mumbai was started by former Director General of Police, Maharashtra, D. Sivanandan to feed the hungry and malnourished.

Starting in 2017, the bank has fed 1 million people and by 2020 they want to feed around 2 million people. Those who wish to contribute can book food and offer loaves for at least 50 people. Roti Bank of Mumbai will send a van to your door to collect food. You can also send money or give your services voluntarily.

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