Bangalore Lockdown News: Today’s updates

The khat is arranged at Koramangala Indoor Stadium, which is converted into a temperate shelter for 19 years of treatment.

As the central and state governments allow a phase-wise relaxation in curves to get life up and running again after a lockdown of two months to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we bring you the latest updates from Bengaluru Huh.

* The government has warned private medical establishments in the state not to refuse to treat Covid-19 patients or people showing symptoms.

* Doctors and health activists are in laboratories on the government’s directive, banning them from sharing results on Covid-19 swab samples with patients. Activists say that this is a violation of a patient’s basic right.

* While the state government is grappling with the growing Covid-19 cases in Bengaluru and the growing stigma against infected people, there is something to cheer about: Communities are stepping up to step up the government’s Covid prevention efforts.

* Commissioner of Police Bhaskar Rao issued an order directing all his filed personnel aged over 50 to work remotely with the terms of comradeship. It comes a week later when he instructed people 55 years and older to work from home.

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