Bengaluru Covid cases to spike in October, November too | Bengaluru News

BENGALURU: With greater than 3,500 new cases day by day, Bengaluru, whose roads more and more put on the pre-Covid look, has grow to be the second-most contaminated metropolis, after Delhi, in the nation.
The metropolis’s positivity rate is 14%, double than that of Delhi’s 6.8% and means larger than the nationwide common of 9%.

Epidemiologists and topranking officials in the government said the spike will continue for at least two more months. “Containing the pathogen is turning out to be a great challenge in Bengaluru, and it is spreading rapidly,” a senior government official said. In the past 10 days, Bengaluru added 21,000 positive cases, while the tests conducted (per million population) is 25,722. The positivity rate is the number of people turning positive per 100 tests.
People will not be following security guidelines, say specialists
The two massive questions are: How did Bengaluru, lauded for its efficient Covid administration in early days, slip into notoriety? Is there a fatigue issue with residents turning into eerily complacent?
Dr Giridhara R Babu, epidemiologist and member of ICMR Task Force on Surveillance and Research, stated, “More than losing its focus, the city is heading towards its peak in different zones at different points of time.” Dr PG Girish, director of medical training division and member of Covid-19 Task Force, stated: “The number of cases will go up in Bengaluru in October and November. The bigger concern is to bring down the mortality rate to under 1%.”
Unlike different cities which noticed a Covid surge in mid-May, Bengaluru began reported extra cases in the third week of July. It has already overtaken Chennai and Mumbai. The complete constructive cases in Bengaluru had been 4,904 cases on June 30 and it touched 1.97 lakh cases on September 21.
“We have been one of the earliest cities to open up,” stated Karnataka well being commissioner Pankaj Kumar Pandey, including folks have to be cautious about catching an infection.
Dr Babu stated: “With Unlock, the movement of people has increased to a great extent and there seems to be a feeling among people that we do not have to worry about Covid-19 anymore. This period is critical to Bengaluru. It’s troubling to see people are not following public health precautions seriously — most of them are not wearing masks properly, and large crowds and close contact in closed spaces are becoming common.”
Dr Girish stated: “Covid cases are likely to increase further in Bengaluru as everything, except schools and movie halls, has reopened. People are moving around without wearing masks despite government creating awareness.”
The authorities has been ramping up assessments in Bengaluru. Pandey stated: “People should proactively get tested. If someone is tested positive, he/she should get family members and contacts tested, instead of concealing it. People should wear masks compulsorily, wash hands frequently and maintain distance from others to avoid contracting and spreading the infection.”


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