Deep Sidhu gets bail, will be bail again after one hour

A Delhi court on Friday granted bail to Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu in connection with the violence at the Red Fort during the Republic Day farmers’ tractor rally, saying the police’s attempt is to set an example for him for the entire sequence of events. Because he is a popular public figure is at risk of failure of justice due to “compromise fairness”. However, the Delhi Police again arrested him in connection with another case involving violence during the rally.

Sidhu was expected to be released after granting bail on personal bond of Additional Sessions Judge Nilofar Abida Parveen 30,000, stating that the prosecution has yet to establish the identity of several other members of the unlawful assembly. However, he will remain in jail after his arrest in another case, which is also being investigated by the crime branch. Senior officials said they would soon be taken into police custody for questioning and investigation.

“The protest rally / parade was authorized for sanctions imposed in the interest of law and order, it is a violation of specific ambrose, violence, damage to public property and national heritage site, several acts of nuisance restricted site which are in the current FIR. The allegations leveled are the subject of. The prosecution attempted to make an example out of the case of the accused-applicant, being a popular public figure, such an attempt, though the risk of failure of justice as a result of compromised impartiality Is, ”the court said in its bail order.

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The prosecution has alleged the involvement of thousands of criminals and it would violate and violate Sidhu’s fundamental right to life and liberty, if he is denied bail in the present case only on the nature of the charges and the material The investigating agency is yet to establish the identity of several other members of the unlawful assembly, ”it said.

While the court said that democracy has the right to dialogue and dissent, filing an FIR against Sidhu is not an attack on this fundamental right.

Like the first case, the second one was also lodged at the Kotwali police station, but on a complaint filed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The first case was registered on the complaint of the Kotwali station house officer. Police said Sidhu was the first person arrested in the second case.

Sidhu’s lawyer advocate Abhishek Gupta said, “The need and timing of the arrest is highly doubtful and serious for a person’s personal liberty, and dishonestly guarantees the rights guaranteed under Article 21.”

Since the Red Fort is maintained by the ASI, it lodged a detailed complaint of damage to the monument.

Sidhu was arrested by the Delhi Police on 9 February on charges of involvement in the 26 January violence. The agency told the court that Sidhu was the “main abettor” and one of the rioters, a charge which was denied by Sidhu’s lawyer Abhishek Gupta.

He told the court that his client was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and according to media reports, he came to know about the flag hoisting at the Red Fort.

The court said that the facts of the case cannot be lost sight of and the nature of the declining material cannot be disregarded at any cost. It states that Sidhu was neither a part of the tractor rally nor the barricades were dismantled nor did he have any special role in the violence against the Red Fort and attacking police officers on duty.

The judge said the prosecution raised a strong fear that Sidhu might tamper with the evidence, as he also deleted the data and prepared his phone for arrest.

“However, the prosecution’s case depends on the content of the video recordings and footage made available to all on social media sites in public, and therefore of Sidhu being able to interfere with the content on such a platform There is a remote possibility, ”the judge said.

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