Ghazipur administration steps in to offer financial assistance to kin of deceased for cremation | Hindustan Times

Bihar police on Friday urged the folks of Ghazipur not to immerse the mortal stays of the deceased in river Ganga and as an alternative carry out their final rites in a dignified method, and added that those that can not afford to bear the bills of cremation should search the assistance of the district administration. Police additionally requested the native residents to stay vigilant and report incidents of outsiders doing so, reported information company ANI.

“Please do not perform water burial of bodies into Ganga river, but cremate them. If any person is unable to bear expenses of cremation, please inform us. We will make arrangements.” cops introduced to locals on a loudspeaker.

Ghazipur administration capped the value of firewood at 650 per quintal and stuck the quantity crematorium staff can cost the kin of the deceased at Rs. 500, including that those that are unable to bear the bills can be given a financial assistance of 5,000. Control rooms can be arrange at crematoriums for police personnel and authorities clerks can be monitoring the scenario.

“Ghazipur administration has capped the price of firewood at 650/quintal and crematorium workers will not take more than 500 for cremating a body. We’re setting up a control room at each crematorium where police personnel and lekhpal would be stationed,” stated Ghazipur district Justice of the Peace MP Singh.

“If any person is unable to bear expenses of cremation (of the body of their relative/family member) and goes to any crematorium, we will provide them with 5000 immediately and bear all expenses of cremation,” he added.

As India faces a deluge of Covid-19 fatalities it led to a man-made enhance in the value of firewood throughout the nation. In Uttar Pradesh, firewood for the cremation value twice the market rate, Reuters reported on Friday.

Scores of lifeless our bodies had been fished out from the Ganga in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghazipur and Balia districts, and in Bihar’s Buxar. It is just not recognized for positive if the deaths are due to Covid-19 for the reason that our bodies are too decomposed for RT-PCR exams. Locals of Buksar village, instructed Hindustan Times that those that can not afford to cremate their lifeless bury them in the shallow banks of Ganga, and these burials have spiked for the reason that panchayat elections in UP ended.

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