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People throughout NCR are steadily stepping out of their properties and frequenting meals joints or roadside eateries. However, many are additionally flouting social distancing norms and masks guidelines. While some take off their masks, some barely cowl their nostril whereas others crowd and flout social distancing norms when they’re consuming out with family and friends.

People flouting social distancing norms and masks guidelines is turning into a standard sight at roadside eateries throughout NCR

How am I supposed to eat with a mask on?: Customers
Vendors say that customers get offended and sometimes, they even leave the stall when pointed out for not wearing a mask. “How am I supposed to eat with a mask on?”, “I thought mandatory mask rule was for roaming around, and not for eating out,” are some of the excuses that people cite for not wearing a mask.

Dalchand of Mangla Chaat Waale in Mayur Vihar, says, “Many customers take off their masks as soon as they stand in a queue. On an average, one person spends 20 minutes at a food stall, out of which he/she spends only five to seven minutes on eating, but even for the rest of the time, most of them do not wear a mask. Not just them, even those who visit us for takeaways also remove masks, citing breathing issues.”

Even these standing in queues for takeaways are commonly noticed flouting security protocols

‘Mask violators discourage others from visiting stalls’
Arbind Singh, National Coordinator, National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI), says, “Not many have warmed up to the idea of eating out at a food joint or a roadside eatery. And when they see mask violators at food stalls, it further discourages them from visiting stalls.”

‘Prefer meeting friends outside, so we can remove the mask and chat freely’
Visit any food stall across NCR, and it is a regular sight to see people chatting for hours without wearing any masks, or not covering their faces properly, or even dangling around their neck. Even those standing in queues to take away their food deliveries often flout social distancing norms and even take off their masks. Ajitesh, who recently visited a food stall in Sarojini Nagar with his family, says, “When you are at an eatery, masks are not required. In fact, we prefer meeting our friends and family members at an outdoor food joint, so we can remove the mask and chat freely.”

Many clients desire assembly their family and friends members at out of doors meals joints throughout the town, claiming it allows them to take away the masks and chat freely

‘No social distancing maintained while using sanitisers’
People crowd at stalls and even whereas utilizing the sanitisers saved at the eateries, individuals stand so shut that it turns into a security hazard fairly than a security measure. Anjani Chaurasia, who lately visited a meals stall in Lajpat Nagar, says, “While most vendors are maintaining social distancing with limited staff members and have even kept hand sanitisers at tables, at some eateries, I have observed that it is the customers who stand so close while using sanitisers that they end up flouting social distancing norms.”


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