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Labour crunch puts Gurgaon industries in a tight spot

This issue of lack of demand, likely to affect the textile industry in the future, has already started affecting other sectors such as automobiles.

Twenty days after the district magistrate allowed industrial establishments to resume operations with a 100 percent workforce, many manufacturing units and industries in Gurgaon continued to face hurdles in adopting this exemption on the ground, labor shortages Countered the issues, and the reluctance among “middle management” to resume work out of fear of being infected by lack of demand.

According to members of several industrial organizations in Gurgaon, one of the major problems is labor shortage – the mass migration of workers back to their hometown during the lockout.

Chamber of Industries President Ashok Kohli said, “Not more than 30 to 35 percent of the workforce is available yet, and units that require workers are facing enormous problems, especially garment manufacturing units. Has export orders. ” Udyog Vihar.

Animesh Saxena, CEO of Neeti Apparel LLP and president of Udyog Vihar Industrial Association, reiterated this, citing the example of his own manufacturing unit in Udyog Vihar, which is working with “around 35 per cent workforce”.

“Our business – in apparel exports – we have shipping orders by the middle of July, so we are short of labor to produce. The problem will be different after July 15, when new orders will not arrive. Traditionally, July to September is a lean season in apparel exports, but this year, due to the epidemic, the impact will be even greater, ”said Saxena.

This issue of lack of demand, likely to affect the textile industry in the future, has already started affecting other sectors such as automobiles.

“Most industries have resumed operations, but everyone is facing both demand and labor problems. Some units are working with 50 percent employees, while others have shortages of 30 percent, but demand is still a problem as orders are not coming. People have started keeping working hours low or reducing the number of work days. One week to deal with the issue, ”said Deepak Maini, president of the Industrial Development Association, which itself runs a manufacturing unit that manufactures automotive parts for its subsidiaries Maruti Suzuki and Honda. He said he expects the situation to improve “after 10 or 12 June”.

“A lot of companies say that after June 10, they will send us schedules or start ordering materials, so we are expecting about 20 percent more work this month than last month. In April, turnover was zero, and 10 percent in May. We are expecting it to grow by 20 per cent by the end of the month and we will have a 30 per cent turnover. ‘

Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner Amit Khatri also acknowledged the labor shortage. According to Labor Department records, however, the majority of the 1,900 industrial units registered in Gurgaon have resumed work, they are currently operating only “with 40 to 50 percent of the workforce”. He said that about 1,10,000 workers in the district have resumed their duties.

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