Now paying: Covid-19 protection fee for salon services?

Gurugram dwellers could not be happier when the saloon was cleared in the Millennium City. But, now there has been a setback for saloon goers. Shikha Sheth, a corporate company in Gurugram, recently posted on social media about her experience in a salon where she went to take advantage of the much anticipated hair and beauty care, and was given a bill in return, In which he charged ‘Covera Protection Fee’. ‘; This charge was beyond the cost of the services she took at the salon.

Sharing the incident on Facebook, Sheth wrote: “I asked to see the bill because I thought it looked bloated. When I looked at the line item, there was a charge of INR 240 for Covid protection – I asked what it was and I was told that all of its Covid gear they are using (sic).”

When contacted, Sheth, who works with a global executive search firm, says the problem was “non-disclosure”, adding that “I asked them to show me the bill and the person at the counter hesitated.” Did. He was not giving a print out and said ‘you come here and look at the screen’. I saw the saw Covid protection fee and I told you what it is? “To which he said all the kits and accessories It’s like ‘… I remember when I entered the salon, they didn’t wear a shoe cover, there was a monk, but there was no face shield. PPE kits that claim they were wearing aprons. Were like. When I’m paying a bill of ‘1,700, and giving a tip of m 100, why would I have trouble paying another? 247? My problem is why they didn’t tell me when booking the appointment . If it is a new addition, the need to pay this service fee appears neither at the reception nor at the entrance. The woman (at the front desk) said, ‘If you are not going to pay , Then we will increase your bill by 10% ‘. To me, this is a clear case of cheating customers. ”

“There is an additional charge because we are using an additional set of disposables. The moment you walk into the salon, you are given a shoe cover, and even the clothes are cleaned. We are not cutting corners, but to say that patronage is most important not only to my client, but also to my employees. ”- Manisha Yadav, Director of Salon Bela Madonna

When contacted, Salisha director Manisha Yadav told us that she is investigating the matter, but also insisted that her expenses have been shot through the roof. “This is the charge we are taking for the disposal we are using. We have been open for several days and no one has really said anything, but perhaps he was not told before. Otherwise, we do not take the customer. There is an extra charge because we are using extra things [like] Additional set of disposals. The moment you walk into the salon, you are given a shoe cover, and even the clothes are cleaned. We are not cutting corners, but to say that patronage is most important not only to my clients, but also to my employees. We are not going to take any chances because health is most important. People are not feeling that more than that, my employees are in danger! We do not make as much money, and more money is still spent on disposables [is quite something] “There are very few customers on the move,” says Yadav. We have taken this feedback. Negotiations are ongoing with all salon owners. We will try and see the best way, so that no one feels it. ”

Unlike Sheth, other denizens feel that she is not fully prepared for such an accusation! Smriti Chhabra, who is the founder of a community in Gurugram, says, “Some doctors are also charging additional fees for PPE gear, which they are asking patients to wear during check ups. We understand that this is an additional cost for salons, to add to their consumables to run their operations. But why are customers being charged for this? And if they are charging it, there should be a capping on this amount as it should not pinch customers when they go to them. ”

A scare from a Facebook post uploaded by Gurugram-based Shikha Sheth.
A scare from a Facebook post uploaded by Gurugram-based Shikha Sheth. (Facebook / Gurgaon Connect)

The owners / management of some salons also question this new charge which has caused controversy in the current scenario, some were part of the disposal services. Sonali Bhambri, director, Tony & Guy (North India), says, “I am not sure what capacity it is accused of.”, Adding, “In our gear, disposable sheets, strips and face napkins were already there. At Hair, we have moved from regular towels to disposable towels, which is an additional cost, but as of now we are not charging extra for that bit. ”

Divya Parchani, Marketing Manager – India, Gitanjali Salon, informs that she has made a Covid-19 test mandatory for her employees, and has also provided PPE kits and offered disposable towels etc. “If I ₹ 400 But if I sell a particular service, this account is for employee fees, different expenses and a profit margin. Now, spending per service has increased. This is subjective for each brand if they are unable to pay it out of their own pocket, and depends entirely on what profit margin the brand has. Currently, we are not charging any such fee, and as a brand we feel that we should not charge such a fee right now, ”says Parchani.

Some people who frequent salons say they do not mind paying extra, but demand prior clarity. Nidhi Wahi Gaura, a Delhi-based entrepreneur, said, “You can increase the price of your services by 10-15%, but a mandatory Covid-19 charge is unacceptable”. Aparna Tandon, a Delhi-based entrepreneur, Nidhi Wahi Gaura, a resident of Gurugram, says, “Built into billing, it should be reported to the customer. If the customer agrees to pay it, only the salon should proceed with the service.”

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