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PUNE To preserve a test on accidents involving heavy tankers carrying fuel and different substances, together with tackling accidents and eradicating the leaked fuel or different fallen substance from the spot, the freeway security patrol (HSP) has began a drive to test, confirm and register all forms of fuel and different substance carrying tankers on the freeway.

Three individuals have been killed on Monday, May 9, when a fuel tanker turned turtle on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway. It was carrying ‘propylene gas’. Chemical consultants from one of many close by chemical corporations in Khopoli have been known as in to determine the fuel leakage and assist the rescue groups.

As a part of the drive, it has been discovered that 80 several types of gases, fuels and chemical substances are being transported by tankers and their ‘transport emergency cards’ aka TREM playing cards have been taken by the police to respond throughout an emergency.

TREM card is obligatory for the driving force of the automobile and in addition particulars want to be printed on the fuel tanker carrying the substance. It has all the small print associated to the fuel, gas or chemical, and supplies directions to be adopted throughout emergencies for the driving force and first responders to the accident.

“We have started an extensive drive in the last one month in which we have checked and registered heavy vehicle tankers running on highways in the state. Every tanker has details and signs written on it about the substance, fuel or gas which it is carrying. Also, there is a TREM card which is mandatory for the driver to carry while transporting the substance. We have taken the TREM cards from them for our study and also to be able to respond to emergencies,” mentioned Sanjay Jadhav, superintendent of police, freeway state police (HSP), Pune.

“There are around 80 types of different chemicals, fuels and gases which are transported by these tankers daily on highways across the state. Each of these substances has a different composition; some are flammable and some are very hazardous when leaked. The TREM cards give detailed information on how a first respondent should react when the substance is leaked, who all should be called for rescue and help etc. Our compilation of all these TREM cards is currently going on which we will circulate across our divisions in the state,” added Jadhav.

In the final month, HSP policemen carried out an around-the-clock drive in Pune, Thane, Raigad, Marathwada and Vidarbha divisions. And in the drive, greater than 9,000 tankers carrying fuel, gas and chemical substances have been checked and particulars of their TREM playing cards have been famous by the HSP policemen. There have been two main outcomes of the drive: firstly, scrutiny of the tankers and their drivers was carried out in phrases of whether or not the automobiles have been match to transport such substances and whether or not their drivers have been effectively skilled in transporting the substance in question. Secondly, the TREM card data and essential signages in regards to the substance carried in the tanker have been verified by the HSP.

“We are soon going to publish a detailed booklet about all this information gathered about various gases, chemicals and other substances carried by tankers on the highway, how to respond during an accident or leakage. Also, who are the nearby respondents, emergency agencies which can help the HSP police, local policemen and other agencies? Going forward, we are making a list of all the chemical industries and the experts working in these industries in and around the expressway. And with their help and guidance during a gas or chemical leakage, we will carefully clear the tanker from the accident spot,” mentioned Jadhav.

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